Accel World Season 2: Is The Anime Under Production? Release Date

accel world season 2

The anime lovers are eagerly waiting for the Accel world season 2 as the story is yet to be completed. Not exactly confirmed but in June 2016, Masakazu Obara the director of the anime hinted the audiences about the possibility of starting “Accel World Season 2” production. Confirmed or not, it is most likely that the fans will get the season 2 once the current projects of the studio get complete.

The anime is based on the award winning light novel. The anime and the novel both have earned a lot of appreciation from the audiences as well as critics. However, the series confronted a bit of criticism due to its comparative weak climax as compared to the main story arc. This has caused the creators of the show to take even more time to gather strong and powerful content for the show. Hiroyuki said that they were waiting for the manga to complete its current arc and then they will surely pull Accel World Season 2 out of it.

accel world season 2

The first 24 episodes of the anime have used only four out of the total eight volumes of the novel and the story of the series is yet to be completed. The main objective of Kuroyukihime to introduce Haru to the Brain Burst was to get his help to reach the final level of the game and then meet the creator of the game. But that seems to be very far away from what they have achieved in the first season. “Accel World Season 2” is needed in order to complete the story of the game and to reveal the main objective the Brain Burst.

Whats in for “Accel World Season 2” Spoilers

Accel World season 2 will be the final season of the show and will conclude the story according to the Sunrise studio. The producer of the anime said that they wanted to create an anime with a short story and they wanted to wind up the anime in two seasons. The Accel World Season 2 will most likely lead Haru and Kuro to level up the stages and form an elite team to help them inside the game. While in real life, Kuro will start to develop feelings for Haru, she will face criticism for her choice by her classmates in the school which will upset her and push her even more towards Haru. In the end, they both will defeat the Six Kings of Pure Colour and will learn the true motives of the creation of the game.

accel world season 2

If you are new to the anime, Accel World is a Japanese anime based on the light novel series of the same name and written by Reki Kawahara. The anime depicts the life of an overweight boy, HaruyukiArita who is introduced to Brian Burst by the school’s Student Council Vice President, Kuroyukihime. He soon learns that Brain Burst is actually an Augmented Reality MMO fighting game where people fight each other to gain Burst points which can be used in the real world for the acceleration abilities. Soon he and Kurouykihime finds out that the true purpose of the game and Burst points can be learned from the game’s creator upon reaching the Level 10 of the game and defeating the “Six Kings of Pure Colour”.

When Fans Can Expect Accel World Season 2 Release Date

Accel World season 2 is confirmed by the director of the anime, Masakazu. But it is still not known when the anime will release and when its development will start. But the fans are hoping for it to premiere as soon as possible.

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