Ace of Diamond Season 3: Is the Sequel of Diamond no Ace Still in Production?

Ace of Diamond Season 3

The Baseball anime, Ace of Diamond is a huge hit in Japan as well as on foreign lands. The competitive and motivation nature of the sports anime is the reason for its success. The recent developments in the manga and the announcement by a voice actor of the anime, confirms the production of the Ace of Diamond Season 3.

The announcement of the Diamond no Ace Season 3

During the recent ‘Daiya no A: The Orchestra’ concert in Japan, the news regarding the Ace of Diamond Season 3 was dropped. The concert was performed by the same brass brand which is responsible for the opening theme of the anime. The event was attended by the fans of the anime along with several voice actors from the cast of the anime. The voice actor, Ryota Ohsaka who plays the main lead, Eijun Sawamura, made a rather strong statement about the Diamond no Ace Season 3.

The event also included a recitation of a little act of Ace of Diamond by the voice actors which was followed by the interviewers swamping them for a questionnaire. When asked about the possibilities of the Season 3 of the anime, Ryota said, “It was fun to be able to play Eijun for the first time in a while, and I felt like I came back. I feel I took a big step today and I will continue to perform in various places. However, the anime has not finished yet! It will continue for sure. Absolutely! Thank you in the future.”

Although Ryota announced the possibility of the Ace of Diamond Season 3, the production companies Production IG and Madhouse have not responded anything to it. Much to our dismay, Ryota Ohsaka did not specify the possible release date of Season 3 of the anime. We know for sure that the production of the anime has not started yet. If the production houses are thinking about Season 3 of the Ace of Diamond, then it is not more than half a year before they will start its production.

Possibilities of Ace of Diamonds Season 3

The Ace of Diamond anime has used all of the 47 volumes of the manga of the series which covers 418 chapters in total. The manga series ended in 2015, and that was the end of the content of the anime. The anime adapted the 47 volumes of manga into 126 episodes. With the release of Ace of Diamond Act II manga series, the hope for the production of Ace of Diamond Season 3 has increased. The new manga series of the Ace of Diamond has released only 13 volumes which is not enough for a new season of the show. If the producers want a Season 3, they will have to wait for the manga to release at least 30 volumes to make sure of the availability of the source content.

Ace of Diamond Season 3

Apart from that, the production houses of the previous seasons, Production IG and Madhouse studio both have their slots for early 2019 filled with the new animes. Madhouse is busy with the production of ‘Mr. Tonegawa: Middle Management Blues’ (2018), ‘1-nichi Gaishutsuroku Hanchō’ (2018), ‘Boogiepop and Others’ (2019), and ‘Shōmetsu Toshi’ (2019). Production IG has following animes on hand right now: ‘The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Kaikō (2018), ‘FLCL: Progressive’ (2018) ‘FLCL: Alternative’ (2018, with Revoroot and NUT), ‘Run with the Wind’ (2018–2019), ‘Kabukichō Sherlock’ (2019), and ‘Ultraman’ (2019).


If we were to assume the release of the Ace of Diamond Season 3, it would be near the end of 2020. The Orchestra event ended with the announcement of the release of the new game of the series, ‘Ace of Diamond – All-Star Game III.’ The game will be released on 23rd November 2018. This release date also suggests that the production houses are nowhere near the with the idea of starting with the Season 3 of Ace of Diamond.

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Future of the Ace of Diamond Season 3

Ace of Diamond Season 3

The Ace of Diamond manga started way back in 2006 and completed its run in 2015 with 47 volumes. All of the 418 chapters of the manga have been incorporated into the anime. The story of the series has been now divided into two major story acts. The first season of the series took Eijun Sawamura to the Seidou High Schol where he and his rivals helped the seniors to get to the nationals of the game. The second season of the anime followed Eijun and his friends to lead a new team themselves and gearing up to become the best team in the country.

The Ace of Diamond Act II has released 13 volumes of the manga. Act II has published chapter 142 chapters, and it is assumed that by the end of the year, the manga will reach up to Chapter 150. If everything works fine, then the production houses will start with the production of Season 3 of the anime by the end of 2019 and will release it during the mid-2020. Stay Tuned!

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