Actress Tina Tamashiro to play Ai Enma in the live action movie of Hell Girl

With the success of the recent release of live action movies of animes such as Bleach, Tokyo Ghoul, and Sword Art Online, now Hell Girl is also ready to shine on silver screen. Hell Girl has been one of the most popular horror anime of 2017 and because of that, the producers of the series have decided to adapt the series into a live action movie.

The Hell Girl movie is to star Tina Tamashiro, 20, as the titular character. Tina is known for the movie such as Sadako vs Kayako, Ankoku Joshi and Policeman and Me. Tina is one of the most popular teenage stars in Japan and is perfect for the role. According to the fans, Tina suits perfectly for the role of Ai Enma, otherwise known as Hell Girl. Tina Tamashiro has been into live action shoujo films before such as Wolf Girl and the Black Prince, P and JK, Sagrada Reset and Missions of Love.

Hell Girl follows the story people who are usually bully or tormented. These people visit the Hell Correspondence website which is also known as Highway to Hell. The website allows them to submit a request for the person bothering them to be taken to hell. It is later revealed that in return for the deal that the person submitting the request will also go to hell after they die. Hell Girl, Ai Enma takes the people from Earth to Hell and torments them for their sins.

Koji Shiraiji is set to write the screenplay for the movie and will also direct it while the movie will be produced by Double Field. Along with Tina, the cast will include, Manami Hashimoto as Hone Onna, Raiku as Ren Ichimoku, and Akaji Maro as Wanyudo. The movie is set to release in fall of 2019 and will start its shooting during early that year.