Akame ga Kill! Season 2: Is The Sequel Still Possible? Latest Updates on Series

Akame ga Kill! Season 2

Akame Ga Kill! is the television anime adaptation of action/thriller Japanese manga of the same name written by  Takahiro and illustrated by illustrated by Tetsuya Tashiro and was first published on March 20, 2010. The anime adaptation was co-produced by C­Station and White Fox studios and was premiered on July 6, 2014, on Tokyo MX. The anime series had a total of 25 episodes with 24-minute episode duration. And now fans are eagerly waiting for Akame Ga Kill! Season 2, as the creators have not announced any official update about the series for a long time.

Akame Ga Kill! Season 2 spoilers tease that there will be a fierce battle between the lead of the series, Akame, and Kurome. Speculations reveal that the new season will show a massive knockdown between Akame and Kurome as they are sold to the empire to be trained as professional assassins.

Akame ga Kill! Season 2

In season 2 of Akame Ga Kill! it is speculated that Akame will try to eliminate all her enemies around the world, so she would keep traveling around the world taking down the new Empire enemies. **Exclusive Update** from inside source we learned that the new season would have a total of 12 episodes, and the creators will be coming with a remake of manga series rather than continuing the story for another season.

Updated on 19/04/2018: There are no updates on the series’ continuation. It has been four years since the first season premiered, the series still has a great fan following still the creators haven’t made any announcement regarding Akame Ga Kill Season 2.

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Fans have also shown their point of view towards the series and they are more likely to see a remake of the Akame Ga Kill! manga into an anime. If one has read the manga and watched the series too, they know that in the end, the anime series rally took off a different path. The creators gave the first season an original ending and if they want to come up with the second season they need to create a completely new story and get it approved by Takahiro. It is teased that the Akame Ga Kill! Season 2 will be a highly improvised remake of the original manga series.

Why There Should Be Akame ga Kill! Season 2?

Akame ga Kill! Season 2

When the anime series debuted on television it received mixed reviews from the fans as well as critics. Some considered the series to be harsh brutality that reflects the corruption in our system and some praised the series for its violent action sequences. The series had a gripping story and was able to gather a large number of viewers. The series has an IMDb Rating 8.1 which is quite appreciable and one cannot just cancel the series with such good ratings which prove fans want for of Akame and Kurome.

Akame ga Kill! Season 2 Expected Release Date

The first season of the anime was concluded on December 14, 2014. The production studio has not yet announced their plans regarding Akame Ga Kill! Season 2, however the original manga series’ 77th and the last chapter was published on February 22, 2017. This means the creators have a lot of content to pull out one or ever more seasons for anime. Moreover, Akame ga Kill! Zero is still running. The series is assumed to be announced in fall 2017 and will be premiered in the beginning of 2018Akame Ga Kill! Season 2 has a great possibility and it’s just a matter of time before the creators come up with the release date.

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