Arslan Senki Season 3: What to Expect & When to Expect The New Season

Arslan Senki Season 3

The action adventure anime series is based on Japanese fantasy novel series which first started in 1986. Till date, the series has published over 15 novels and the anime adaptation was started in 2015. The anime is directed by Noriyuki Abe and written by MakatoUezu while the original manga was written by Yoshiki Tanaka. The series received a lot of praise from the audiences and the critics. The studio has not said any words about the renewal of the series but the fans are still hoping for the “Arslan Senki Season 3”.

The story of the anime is set in the pre-Islamic Persia and nearby countries while the magic exists in this world. Though there are very few monsters and magical creatures the most of the story is about exploring the repercussions of the slavery in the society and having an absolute monarch. The main story follows the protagonist Arslan who is the prince of the kingdom of the Pars. Pars s taken over by neighboring nation of Lusitania after the kingdom fell after the treacherous plot led by ministers of the kingdom.Arslan manages to assemble an army strong enough to liberate his nation from the Lusitanian rule.

Arslan Senki Season 3

The popularity of the manga was so great that it became obvious for the creators to develop an anime adaptation for the series. The OVA of the series was created after the success of the light novels and they were loved by the fans which led to the creation anime adaptation of the series. Now the Liden Films and the Felix Film are discussing the possibilities for the Arslan Senki Season 3 but nothing is announced yet.

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Spoilers for the “Arslan Senki Season 3”

Although the news has burst into the sphere that the upcoming volume of the manga series will be the last one, the fans know that there is still a lot to cover in the anime adaptation and they seems to be happy about it. A few fans think that the “Arslan Senki Season 3” will be roaming around the life of Silvermask more than Arslan. The new season will showcase the story from the narration side of Silvermask where he will try to claim his right to the throne of the Pars Kingdom where Arslan sits right now. Though the story will be from the narration side of Silvermask it will not show him as the main protagonist. The Arslansenki season 3 will take the fans into the flashbacks of the Silver mask’s past which will reveal the struggles he went through to get to the top in the chain of commands of the Lusitanian army. The ArslanSenki season 3 will end with the clash of his Silver mask’s troops and the Arslan’s army which will both fight to claim the throne of the kingdom of Pars.

The release date of the Arslan Senki Season 3

There has been no confirmation if the anime will be renewed for the “Arslan Senki season 3” or it will be canceled but the fans believe that it will surely happen as the creator of the anime still has a lot of source material for the Arslan Senki season 3.

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