Attack On Titan Chapter 140: Will There Be Another Chapter? Release Details!

The last chapter of Attack On Titan finally came out, but it ended with a major cliffhanger. As a result, its fans are now wondering whether they’ll ever see Attack On Titan Chapter 140 or a sequel of the manga series. A lot of questions popped up in the head of its followers after reading the final chapter. Therefore, now they are demanding the answers and proper closure to its storyline.

The ending of the popular manga teased a brewing war while the survivors became the representatives to end it. Hence, there is still a lot left to see in this series. Will Hajime Isayama ever clear his fans’ doubts? Will he ever pick up another chapter or a sequel of his successful manga series? Here is everything to know.

Attack On Titan Chapter 140: Plot Details!

The final chapter of the manga series revealed that Eren Jeager turned himself into a monster so that his friends can stop him and be recognized as heroes in the world. It was also revealed this battle would never end until either one amongst Eldia or the world will perish. So, now it seems like Eren was doing the right thing from the perspective of the Elidans. The people of Paradis Island and the Jeagerist also joined their forces as they know the world is planning to take them out. 

Therefore, Attack On Titan Chapter 140 will feature the war that is currently brewing in the world. Armin, Reiner, Jean, and every single survivor of the battle will try to negotiate and maintain peace in the world. However, they’re also ready to take on the enemies who will stand against the peace.

Final Chapter Recap!

In the final chapter of Shingeki No Kyojin, fans saw Eren Jeager talking with Armin and revealing everything about his plan and why he began the Rumbling. He also tells him that it was Mikasa who released Ymir from the agony of love. Not only Armin but Eren talked with everyone and let them know the truth. Later, Mikasa brought the head of Eren after slicing it off and said it was the only way to stop him. She left the place right away as Mikasa wants to give Eren a proper burial. By the end, Ymir lifts the curse, and the power of the titans vanishes from the world. After the end, the readers got a special message from the editorial department as well. 

Attack On Titan Chapter 140: Release Date

So far, no news has come regarding the future of the manga series. There are some theories that the next issue might come as an epilogue. In it, Isayama will tie all the loose ends. However, the acclaimed mangaka is yet to confirm it. Currently, it is quite tough to predict the release date of Attack On Titan Chapter 140 as its publication team has no plans for it. But if it ever gets on the cards, fans can expect to see it sometime in the next three months.