Boruto Episode 71 – Spoilers, Updates, and Release Date

Boruto Episode 71

Boruto Episode 71: After the completion of the Otsutsuki Invasion arc, Boruto has been feeding the audience with some filler arcs. Boruto: The Next Generations provides with enough fillers to remind us that it is a follow-up anime of Naruto. In episode 69, the series just completed the Chocho arc. This arc was focused on Team 10 and Team 7 trying to protect actors who have gotten the death threats.

The story arc focused on Chocho and her behavior towards the lead actor, Tomaru. Chocho lost her focus on the mission and let the kidnappers abduct Tomaru. The lead actress had to pay the ransom money to save Tomaru. This arc will have a significant impact on the personality of Chocho and will help a lot in her character development in the future of the series.

In the next episode of Boruto: The Next Generations, the story will focus on Metal Lee and it is an essential thing in this part of the story. There have been 70 episodes already, and the story has not given any exposure to the character of Metal Lee. The next few episodes of the series will purely focus on Metal lee.

In the previous episode, we already saw Rock Lee teaching Metal the ultimate Tai Jutsu technique, ‘The Eight Inner Gates.’ We all have seen Rock Lee and Might Gai using this technique several times in the Naruto series. We have even seen Might Dai, Gai’s father using this technique. However, we have never seen the training which is required to master The Eight Inner Gates.

In Boruto Episode 71, Metall will turn up to Might Gai with his anxiety issues which are not letting him master the Eight Inner Gates. Might Gai who is a hero of the Fourth Great Ninja War will help him by reminding him of the Power of Youth. Might Gai will help him find a way to deal with his anxiety issues and how to get back with his father for the training of The Eight Inner Gates.

The Boruto Episode 71 will lead to excellent character development in Metal’s character. For now, we can say that Metal will be as good as Rock Lee in the future of the series, but the next few episodes will be the first stepping stones in that direction for him.

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