Boruto Episode 72 – Spoilers for “Mitsuki’s Will,” Updates, Release Date

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Boruto Episode 72 – Boruto: The Next Generations is giving the fans some of the most crucial filler arcs of all time. The current filler arcs are providing the essential character development of side characters and steady positioning of them in future of the series. From the first episode of the Boruto, we know where the story is heading. Kawaki is going to destroy the Leaf village for all we know, and all of the side characters will have a significant role to play in the events leading up to that.

Boruto Episode 72: The Next Generations is going to be another episode with Mitsuki as the center of attention. In the previous episode, the Team 7 learned that a shinobi is as good as his will to complete a purpose. A strongly willed shinobi can cross any hurdle in their way to achieving their goal.

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The only problem related to this with Mitsuki is, he does not have a will of his own. Since he is a clone of Orochimaru, he has no surety if his all memories and feelings are real or were programmed by his parent in him. Same goes for his will, and if he has a will, then it may be what he is forced to believe by Orochimaru.

Boruto Episode 72 is going to deal with the inner conflicts of Mitsuki’s life and how he will overcome them to find his own will. This filler arc related to Mitsuki is going to last long for 3-4 more episodes. The next episode is going to show Mitsuki in a big ordeal where he will confuse in taking the final decision and will try to run back Orochimaru for a confrontation.

According to some spoilers, Mitsuki will attack some guards while leaving the Village hidden in the Leaf which causes a big commotion. Naruto will send a team of Jonins to inspect and report on this matter while Sarada and Boruto will follow them.

Meanwhile, Mitsuki runs away an attack on Leaf village will take place. The village will think that Mitsuki has some connection to this attack as he is the only person who got missing just prior to the attack. Boruto and Sarada will try to find the real reason behind the Mitsuki’s running away and will try to clear his name from the conviction with the attack. Episode 72 of Boruto is going to have some killer action and thriller scenes. This arc of Boruto will inevitably lead to an epic finale. The Boruto Episode 72 titled “Mitsuki’s Will” will air on Sept 6.

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