Boruto Episode 76 Spoilers: It may bring back a character from Naruto

Boruto Episode 76

Boruto Episode 76 Spoilers: The anime is currently featuring the Mitsuki arc in which the titular character is set on a journey to find his will. According to every joining ninja, every shinobi should have an ulterior intention which should drive them to perform at their best in their missions and training. Boruto’s recent will, which is to surpass his dad regarding strength and to maintain the peace of Konohagakure. However, Mitsuki still has a way to go before finding his will as a shinobi.

The Boruto Episode 76 will move forward one more episode towards the Mitsuki finding his will. In this quest, a familiar character may be joining the Team 7 which is Aoda. Aoda is the Sasuke’s personal summon who was used by Sasuke in the Fourth Great Shinobi War. Aoda should have no problem recognizing Boruto and Sarada from Sasuke’s scent in them. Sarada, being Sasuke’s only child will become instantly connected to Aoda, while Boruto is Sasuke’s disciple who will make Aoda his senpai.

Boruto Episode 76 – Promo

Boruto Episode 76 is titled “Incurring Wrath” The current arc of the Boruto features the story of Mitsuki to find his will. Only a few more episodes before the arc meets its ends and Mitsuki is yet to solve the puzzle of his will. Team 7 has reached the Ryuchi cave, the residence of the summoning snakes. The team visits the cave to meet the White Snake Sage Ninja who is supposed to help Mitsuki find a way to help him control his sage mode more effectively.

Since most of the people who desire to visit the Ryuchi cave to acquire the powers of the sage mode, therefore the disciples of Snake Ninja often manipulates them to wander away from the cave. Team 7 has already gone through different tests to reach the cave and now when they have entered the cave, the great White Snake Sage Ninja refuses to hear them out and asks them to get the Reversal Snake from Garaga.

With the help of Aoda, Mitsuki and team will be able to get Reversal Snake to the Snake Sage. The hunt for Reverse Snake might get intense in the next episode, but with the help of Boruto, Mitsuki will get him. In the few episodes, this arc will finish by telling us more about the world of shinobi. We still have to see, what deduction will be made by the Snake Sage from the code given by Mitsuki’s snake. Boruto Episode 76 will release on 27th September, Thursday.

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