Btooom season 2: news, updates, possibilities and more

Btooom Season 2

The video game oriented anime was very first released in the year 2012, the show had a great run of 12 episodes and was very well appreciated by the audiences. After the success of the show, show producers developed a mobile game on which the anime was based, Btooom. It was announced that if the “Btooom” mobile video game does well in the Japan’s app sales chart then they might work on Btooom Season 2.

As reported the first season of the anime consumed first 50 chapters of the manga series, therefore there was no other left with the producers than waiting for more original content to pull out “Btooom Season 2.” As per the latest updates, the manga series has released a total of 23 volumes which has a total of 109 chapters. This clearly suggests that the creators of the anime series have enough content to pull out another season.

Btooom Season 2

According to some reports, the first season of the anime didn’t sell very well and hence no immediate announcements were made by the Madhouse Studio for the Btooom Season 2. Soon after that, the Madhouse Studio launched the Btooom’s mobile game on which the anime is based. It is a strategic survival game which is played in real time. More than that in March 2017, the anime’s executive producer, Masato Hayashi announced himself that if the game is able to make it into the top 5 of the Japan’s app sales chart of the year, it is highly possible that the Studio will start the development of Btooom Season 2.

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What’s in Spoilers for “Btooom Season 2”

It is believed that the Btooom Season 2 will be the final season of the series and it will try to wrap up the story which is left. The new season will continue the adventures of Ryōta and Himiko being trapped in the game, and try to find a way to get out of it. The Btooom Season 2 will explore more emotional depths of the characters and may be the couple will fall in love for real.

Btooom Season 2

In the latest English release of the Btooom manga, there are only two hours left before the game gets over. Himiko is badly injured and Ryōta has promised her that they both will win and earn the ticket to get out of the game. In the left time, Ryouta’s main concern is to find the medicines which are dropped by game moderators and to heal Himiko. After that, they both will be seen trying to win the end ticket in the final minutes of the game.

Here’s a short description of the series. The action romance anime is set into a game world where Ryōta Sakamoto is teleported into a game. Ryōta is one of the world’s top players of Btooom. As he wakes up in the game, he has no knowledge of where he is, until he is attacked by a stranger in a very similar way which happens in the game. While wondering around he meets Himiko who is his in-game wife. Himiko is another Btooom player who also got trapped inside the game. Both help each other to find a way to get out of the game.

Release Date of Btooom Season 2

Unfortunately, there has been no official announcement made about the release of “Btooom Season 2.” However, the creators of the anime now have enough content to complete the sequel. If you are a fan of the anime don’t forget to download the game as it would increase the chances of the anime to happen.