Charlotte Season 2: Is the New Season of Comedy Drama Releasing Soon

Charlotte Season 2

The supernatural comedy drama series, Charlotte was developed by P.A. Works Corporation and was directed by Yoshiyuki Asai. The anime is based on the light novel manga series of the same name which is written by Jun Maeda. The series has released a few OVA episodes after the first Season but there have been no updates given by the P.A. Works about the release of “Charlotte Season 2”. A lot of fans are craving for a second Season but all they can do is read the ongoing manga series.

The anime had shown a great success in terms of DVD and Blu Ray sales. It received a lot of praise and positive criticism for its original work and the story plots. First Season of the anime was a huge hit and gained a massive fan following within a few months of its release. The show was originally broadcasted by Tokyo MX but later it was distributed to a lot more channels worldwide. Despite all the success, there has been no word about the “Charlotte Season 2” from the producers.
Charlotte Season 2

There are rumors that the “Charlotte Season 2” will follow Yuu to form an even bigger organization using the abilities of his brother to time travel which will fight off against the terrorist organizations who seek to capture the children with abilities. While Yuu traveled in time, one of these terrorist organization will attack the Academy and the chaos will lead to deaths of many students including Ayumi, Yuu’s younger sister. How much ever Yuu tried to bring Ayumi back to life and keep her safe, fate will cause her death in the end. As Yuu was not in the present when the attack happened, he cannot go back to save Ayumi because it will cause the time continuum to break.

From the reports of survivors of the attack, Nao and Yuu will get to know that this terrorist organization didn’t want to capture the ones with abilities but was here to kill them. They spared everyone who doesn’t possess any abilities in the high school. Yuu will work on the development of his organization with more enthusiasm than before but the repeated time travel will cause him to go blind like his brother Shunsuke.

Charlotte Season 2

The name of anime is derived from the Charlotte comet which passes by the earth every 75 years. The anime is set in an alternate universe where whenever this comet passes by it spreads dust onto the Earth and the pre-adolescent kids who inhale the dust gain superhuman abilities after hitting Puberty. The main story follows the life of a young boy named YuuOtosaka who possess the ability to temporarily possess others.

He initially uses his ability to live a carefree life but soon is exposed by NaoTomori. Nao asks him to get enrolled into Hoshinoumi Academy. Yuu’s elder brother has the ability to travel in time and it is later revealed that he used his abilities to travel back in time and establish the Hoshinoumi Academy and its student council. Student council’s main motive is to ensure the safety of ability users from several terrorist organizations.

The Release of Charlotte Season 2

There have been no announcements so far about the renewal of the series for “Charlotte Season 2″. But looking at the performance of the Season 1 and the continuation of manga creates a hope that, ASCII Media Works will someday start the development for Charlotte Season 2.”


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