Dr Stone Chapter 193: Will Senku’s Plan Work Out? Release Date & Everything To Know

The latest chapter of the Dr Stone manga series was really interesting and hooked its readers. Now, the fans just can’t keep calm for the arrival of Dr Stone Chapter 193. Senku is planning to turn everything back to normal, and it seems like he’s finally got the perfect opportunity to do the same. According to him, only global petrification can save them now, and that’s the only way to get a win over Stanley.

The second season of the anime series recently concluded, and the trailer for the third season also came out. Along with all that, a new chapter is also coming as a treat for fans of this sci-fi franchise. So, when will they read the forthcoming issue of this manga? Here are all the latest details. 

Dr Stone Chapter 193: Plot Details!

Global petrification has finally started, and it began at Xeno’s base. It started to expand, exposing rays originating from North America. However, Gen could not help but bother about Corn City as it took more time for the beams to come there. Gen was not in support of this idea, but science genius Senku assured them everything would be fine. 

Dr Stone Chapter 193 will feature the events that will take place after the reactivation of the device by Senku. However, Senku got shot. Therefore, in the next chapter, the readers will get to know whether Senku’s master plan will work or not. If he fails, then the worst might happen to him and his comrades. Hence, now their fate depends on the upcoming chapter.

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the 192nd chapter of this manga series, the fans saw Chrome beginning to do his work, but he couldn’t finish it since he detected a gunshot. Upon looking around, he discovers that Senku has been shot. Suddenly a dark silver light arrives on the horizon, and the people know that it is time. Xeno looks above and apprehends that Senku has accomplished his goal of reactivating the device. Matsukaze marks the mysterious silver light, and Ginro drops tears that the universe is ending. Suika is concerned that the people in Corn City and Ruri and Soyuz will transform into stone. Francois speculates about what is occurring in North America and if this was a portion of the plan. 

Dr Stone Chapter 193: Release Date

The next chapter of the manga will come out at its scheduled time without any break. The release date of Dr Stone Chapter 193 will fall on Sunday, April 18, 2021. It will be available to read on Viz Media and Shueisha’s Manga.