Drifters Season 2: Is the Release Date in 2018? Spoiler Updates

Drifters Season 2

“Drifters” is a Japanese fantasy anime which illustrated various historic moments in an alternate history. The manga is written by Kouta Hirano and was developed into the anime television by the Hoods Drifters Studio. A few Japanese historical figures have had made appearances in the series so far. The anime was released in October 2016 and ran for 12 episodes until December 2016. After that, there has been no official word about it, but the director of the series have said to promise the “Drifters Season 2” to the fans.

The series is set in an alternate universe where the world is at the war against the group of great warriors known as the ‘Ends’. The Ends uses various terrible creatures in the war including dragons and giants and hence the human race is on the verge of losing the war. The story follows the main protagonist, Shimazu Toyohisa gets teleported to a corridor of doors after wounding a li Naomasa. Toyohisa enters the nearest door and finds it filled with other great warriors like him who are teleported as well. These warriors are there to become the part of a group called Drifters who are the only hope for defeating Ends.

Drifters Season 2

Possibilities and announcement for “Drifters Season 2”

There have been 5 volumes of the manga published so far since its beginning in 2009. Out of these, three are used in the story of the season 1 of the anime. If the series is going to continue with Drifters Season 2, it is still a long time before it is developed due to the lack of enough source material. There are high possibilities for “Drifters Season 2” to be already in works as most of the animes are continued only if the sales of the manga and OVA episodes of the series are really great. And in this case, it seems to be in the favor of the fans as the manga has sold over 1.5 million copies as of 2012.

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In the Tokyo Anime fest 2016, the director, Kenichi Suzuki and the TV network Tokyo MX announced that they have already begun with the works for Drifters Season 2. The also promised the fans of the series that they are trying to complete the season 2 by the end of October 2017. But it seems like, it is still a lot of time before the release of Drifters season2 as no official announcement about it has been made even though October is just a few days away.

Drifters Season 2 Spoilers

It is said by the creator of the series, Kouta Hirano that he has just begun with this story and it nowhere near its end. Therefore, we can assume that “Drifters Season 2” will just give the fans a little wider look on the alternate universe filled with the fantasy creatures and magic. The end of the series is nowhere near. Drifters season 2 will follow with the continuation of the story of Toyohisa and the other Drifters trying to end the war with the elimination of Ends.

Drifters Season 2

Season 1 of the anime revealed that the Ends were led by the Black King, and when Toyohisa teleported to the corridor of doors, he actually died. It is a magic which enabling the Drifters to return to the war. Now in Drifters season 2, it is going to be revealed that the female Alucard known as EASY is the one pulling strings behind the Black King. While Murasaki, who bought Toyohisa to the Drifters and act as the desk dwellers of the eternal hallway of the door, will be revealed to be the one who founded the Drifters and it is his magic which enables the Drifters to go into the war zone.

The release date of Drifters season 2

There has been no confirmation about the release date of the Drifters season 2, other than that the Kenichi Suzuki said that the season 2 will be completed by the end of October 2017. It seems like the fans will have to wait a little while even longer for the upcoming season 2 of the anime.