Erased Season 2: When to Expect The Release of The New Season?

Erased Season 2

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi also known as “Erased” is a Japanese anime based on the light novel series of the same name written and illustrated by Kei Sanbe. The anime adaptation was the series began in January 2016 by A-1 Pictures which was directed by Tomohiko Itou. With only 12 episodes released so far, the anime has gained quite a large popularity. The fantasy, mystery, thriller light novel and anime series has gained positive reviews and feedback from the fans. The fans are appealing to the studio behind the anime to develop more episodes and release “Erased Season 2” as soon as possible.

Spoilers for the Erased Season 2

There are a few plot gaps left by the season 1 of the anime, which are likely to be filled out by the Erased season 2. There is not much to speculate but a few fans have been wondering what will happen to the main protagonist Satoru if Yashiro becomes aware of his powers go back in time. With the end of first season 1, it was certain that Yashiro has become aware that his intended victims are still alive.

In Erased season 2, he will be left wondering about how the people he targeted to kill are still alive and then he will try to find the connections between the all the recent incidents which took place. He will a common piece of information in all of the cases that Yashiro has some kind of involvement in them. By the end of “Erased Season 2”, Yashiro will confront Satoru and will try to kill him for once and all.

Erased Season 2

The anime follows the story of Satoru Fujinuma, who possesses an ability that allows him to go back in time. But the ability is involuntary and only sent him back before a life-threatening or a tragic moment. When his mother murdered by an unknown person, he is again sent back in time but this time he is sent back 18 years to when he was still in elementary school.

Although, never before he was sent this much back in time. While in his past, he remembers an incident which took lives of three of his friends when he was originally in elementary school. He prevents it from happening and saves a few more lives. But now he gets stuck into his childhood.

Erased Season 2

The manga and the anime both had remarkable sales and the popularity of the series rose very rapidly.  The anime is listed in the top 100 on My Anime list and is been listed in the top 30 of the sales charts in Japan. The series was able to collect 1.8 million Yen only domestically in Japan before its international release, this should cause no financial difficulties for the A-1 Pictures to develop Erased season 2.

There have been no answers from the director of the anime when he was asked whether he would like to work with Erased series or not. This caused the fans to think that the series will not be continued but the A-1 Pictures later confirmed that they still have plans for Erased season 2.

Release date of Erased Season 2

Erased season 2 is highly awaited by the fans of the series and now it is also confirmed by the A-1 Pictures. But they are yet to announce the release date of the season 2 of the anime.

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when did a1 pictures confirm that there’s gonna be a season2?