Human body inspired Anime, Cells at Work! is a massive hit in China

Cells at Work

Cells at Work is a new anime by David Production which just started in July this year has become a gigantic success in China. The Chinese audience loved the concept of illustrating the human body cells as human anime characters. The anime depicts the anthropomorphized cells of the human body works very hard every day to keep the body functioning.

Cells at Work has become one of the most popular and trendy series in China. Seemingly dull and nerdy anime has a lot to offer. It has become absolute pop culture sensation of the country with over 56 million views in 6 episodes released in China. According to the anime’s streaming platform in China, Bilibili, the anime has gained such tremendous popularity in the country at such a fast pace.

Cells at Works is based on the Akane Shimizu’s manga of the same name features anthropomorphized cells of the body. The story revolves around a rookie red blood cell who often gets lost during deliveries and a white blood cell which fights against any germs which invade the body and protects it. The WBCs are like Stormtroopers who fight any invasion by germs and other non-body cells while red blood cells are a little reckless Red Riding Hoods and the bacteria is the villain with tentacles and massive strength.

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According to Bilibili, Cells at Work has its viewing figures around 27 percent higher than its nearest rival. The anime vividly illustrates the working of the different types of cells and their functions in the human body, which has become one of the main reason why the teachers love this anime. Cells at Work is being seen as educational for the children who are letting them learn about the working of the body in a fun way. According to the South China Morning Post, some biology teachers have assigned the anime as homework to watch after the school.

A Japanese cancer researcher watched the anime and has praised the creators for illustrating the accurate working of the immune system of the body against cancer cells. The seventh episode of the anime, depicted the activity of the immune system when a cancer cell is detected in the body. He added that the anime could be an excellent source of children’s education about their own body.