KonoSuba Season 3: Will There Be A New Season? Expected Release Date

KonoSuba Season 3

KonoSuba is a Japanese comedy, ecchi, fantasy anime based on a novel and manga series of the same name. The series is set in a multiplayer online role-playing game fantasy world and follows the adventures of the young boy named Kazuma and a goddess named Aqua. The anime series has already completed the two seasons which ran from January 2016 to March 2017. Since the anime has ended, fans are eagerly waiting for KonoSuba Season 3. Studio Deen and Crunchyroll have not announced the “KonoSuba” season 3 officially but there have been rumors about its development.

Recently, it was announced the author of the KonuSuba series cut ties with the animation Studio Deen. This was a bad news for the fans of the anime and many thought that this would be the end of the light novel series and KonoSuba Season 3. But later in July, it was announced that the studio is looking for new creators and writer for the light novel, this suggests that the fans may get a new season for KonuSuba but it does not seem happening anytime sooner. Meanwhile, fans will have to wait a little bit longer to get the continuation of the anime.

Spoilers for the KonoSuba Season 3:

The first season of the anime ended with a cliffhanger while on the other hand, the second season of “KonoSuba” ended at a very satisfactory point, but that does not take away the hope for the KonoSuba season 3. Rather it gives creators several opportunities to create new arcs and to develop the characters further with new stories. According to some rumors about  Konosuba Season 3, the anime will lead Kazuma to get famous amongst the ladies and due to this Aqua will grow jealous. Then finally she will realize her feelings for Kazuma, the season 3 may end with Aqua confessing her love for Kazuma and this would be really delighting for the fans.

KonoSuba Season 3

Meanwhile, Megumin will leave the team for a while and will finally accept to learn new magic. She will be mentored by Wiz, one of the high generals of the Devil King. This will create the opportunity to introduce new characters in order to maintain the manpower of the team.

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For those who don’t know about the anime, here is a brief introduction. The anime series KonoSuba starts with a boy named Kazuma who goes to buy a new video game and dies on the way while saving a girl who was about to get hit by a bus. In the afterlife, he is asked by the goddess Aqua that either he wants to go to heaven or to a parallel world of a multiplayer role-playing game. Kazuma chooses the latter and Aqua as his weapon in the new mysterious world. He later regrets his decision of choosing Aqua as his weapon on finding out that she just a useless goddess with no special abilities and a lot of tantrums. They both form a team with a magician and a crusader in order to get out of this world by defeating the Devil King. The story continues to show the problems faced by the team, most of which are aroused by their own dysfunctionality and dumbness.

The release date of KonoSuba Season 3

The first season of the anime series was released on 12 January 2016 and ended on 16 March 2016. Likewise, season 2 was released on the same dates next year, it ran from 12 January 2017 to 16 March 2017. Therefore it was expected that the KonoSuba Season 3 will also air on 12 January in the year 2018 which is not the case, obviously. There has been no official announcements are made by the Crunchyroll or by Studio Deen. As per the latest updates Jun Fukushima and Rie Takahashi, the voice actors for the main KonoSuba characters Kazuma and Megumin in an interview confirmed they might be voicing the characters. However, it is still unclear whether it will be a third season of the anime series or an Anime film or OVAs. Moreover, the light novel series and manga series are still running and in September 2017 a PlayStation 4 game (No English Version Available) was also released.

Stay tuned for more updates about KonoSuba Season 3 as it is going to be a little longer wait, and read about other multiplayer online role-playing game anime series like No Game No Life Season 2.