Kuromukuro Season 3: Fans Needs to Worry as The Future of Sequel in Danger

Kuromukuro Season 3

It’s a very sad moment for a anime lover when great anime shows get canceled despite their great success. It seems like Kuromukuro may face the same fate as those shows. The Japanese anime show is not an adaptation of any light novel but an individual show of its own which gave its creators a lot of open ends to work on the story. The anime is produced by P.A. Works, directed by Tensai Okamura and written by Ryou Higaki. The anime ran for its two seasons for 26 episodes and ended in 2016 and “Kuromukuro Season 3” is highly awaited by the fans.

Spoilers for Kuromukuro Season 3

However, there are a lot of open ends left at the end of anime to continue the story Kuromukuro season 3. One of the fan theory suggests that, in the Kuromukuro season 3, Yukina will try to get under the skin of Kennosuke in order to know more about his past life. Kennosuke will reveal that he was a samurai warrior and protector of the princess Yukihime. She is supposed to be dead in the final battle against Efy Dolgh in that era. Kennosuke is helping Yukina because she reminds him of Yukihime, and he was in love with her. This might be the reason he also feels a certain attraction and feelings for Yukina.

The plot of the series is based in an alternate reality where an extra-terrestrial force, the Efy Dough, has invaded the Earth 450 years ago. The people of the Earth have fought the enemies from the sky by developing the Mecha and robotic drones. Yukihime, an heir to one of the fallen clan and her Samurai retainer, Kennosuke fights back in a stolen Efy Dolgh mecha and dub it as the Black Relic.

They were able to vanquish their foes but in doing so Yukihime and Black relic caught up in the explosion. In the present day, Black Relic is found during excavation for a dam and while conducting a research on it Kennosuke gets released from the inside of Black Relic. He was in the cryostasis for the whole time. Meanwhile, Efy Dolgh returns and attacks the Earth once again. Now Kennosuke fights backs the Efy Dolgh as he did in his era.

In 2016, just after the Japanese release of the anime, Netflix procured its rights and release the anime in English dub later that year. This gave a huge viewership to the anime and its fan base grew larger. Although, there was only a single season of the anime released as every episode was two hours long and hence the fans though the half of it was season 2. Hence when there will be a release of Kuromukuro season 2 in Japan while a “Kuromukuro season 3” release on Netflix.

The release date for Kuromukuro Season 3

The fans are waiting for the Kuromukuro season 3 from a long time but it has been more than a year and no news had been announced from the side of P.A. Works and Netflix. This does not mean that the series had been canceled as a few rumors suggested. It may mean that there is still time before we get any official news from the producers themselves.3

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