My Hero Academia: Two Heroes movie to release later this month

The most popular shounen anime of 2018, MY Hero Academia is going to release its first animated movie in September. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, have already been released in Japan and has grossed over 1.5 billion Yen ($13.46 million US) in the country. The movie is set to release in over 400 screens in USA and Canada on September 25, 2018. The film was teased by the 20th episode of the season 3 of series, “Save the World With Love”.

The movie will take place during the summer training camp of U.A. High School. Deku and All Might receive an invitation from a certain person to visit the giant artificial movie island city called, I Island. I Island carries the knowledge of scientists from all around the world and is holding an Expo. As the security of the Island is breached by the villains and everyone on the island is held is captive, the world can only be saved by the number one hero and symbol of peace, All Might.

The movie is going to introduce the fans with the past of All Might and will showcase the stories the number one superhero during his prime. Two Heroes will introduce the fans with some new characters such as David Shield, former sidekick of All might and his daughter Melissa Shield. Melissa is a quirkiness girl, with whom Deku meets on I Island. David and Melissa are both from hero support who makes support items.

The movie is going to introduce a new villain, Wolfram who is the leader of a mysterious villain team and aims to overthrow the Hero Society. Wolfram has a quirk which allows him to control the metal all by himself. All Might will be unable to Wolfram due to being powerless. The trailer of the movie contains the scenes from the flashbacks of All Might in his prime.

The movie is going to explore more of the world where the people are born with quirks and being a Hero is a profession. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes will discover more about the past of All Might and will provide a prominent character development in the character of Izuku Midoriya.

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