Nisekoi Season 3: Confirmed or Canceled? 2020 Release Updates & Spoilers

Nisekoi Season 3

Nisekoi Season 3: It’s been almost five years since the anime fans last saw Nisekoi (Fake Love). This show ranked 16 out of 30 best manga series in 2014. The fans are impatiently waiting for Nisekoi Season 3. This show ranked 16 out of 30 best manga series in 2014. Nisekoi is a lighthearted comedy anime series with a great storyline. And that makes it different from a dark action anime the fans usually watch. It is a story about fake love and fake relationships. This anime got a tremendous response from the fans as well as the critics. 

Nisekoi is a Japanese romantic comedy anime series. It is the remake of the manga of the same name. The inaugural season of this anime series aired from 11 January to 24 May 2014. The show got a quick renewal for the next season because of an amazing response. The anime was premiered on Tokyo MX, GTV, GYT in Japan and was later licensed by Aniplex of America for telecast in the territory of North America. This series was also adapted into a live-action film released in December 2018. However, the film didn’t perform anywhere near the anime series of Nisekoi. 

Nisekoi Season 3

Nisekoi Season 3: Confirmed? Canceled? 

So many speculations were made about the release of Nisekoi Season 3. A lot of websites claimed that the third season will premiere in 2016. However, all the information turned out to be wrong, and still, there are no official words on it. But the story of this anime hasn’t completed yet. There are a lot of questions for which the fans are eagerly waiting for an answer. This is one of the best reasons for Nisekoi Season 3 to come.

Another great reason is that the manga of Nisekoi has a total of 25 volumes, which contains 229 chapters that means the creators have more than enough source material to create one or more seasons. 

Since it almost been five years, therefore, the fans are starting to believe the fact that the third season will never come. But there is still hope for the anime fans that   Nisekoi Season 3 will come for its final run and complete the story in anime. 

Nisekoi Season 3: Spoilers!

In the final volume of the manga of Nisekoi, Raku and Chitogi got married to each other. They also gave birth to a boy named Haku. Onodera also confessed her feelings for Raku but a little too late, and she got gentle refuse by him. Fate has always believed Chitoge and Raku are meant for each other. The disappointed Onodera seems to achieve closure because she is the one who designed the wedding cake for Raku and Chitoge. After an uncertain journey of tolerating each other, they begin to form romantic feelings for one another unavoidably and end up getting married.

Nisekoi Season 3 Spoilers

Storyline & Plot Details Of The Anime

The story of this anime series revolves around Raku Ichijo and Chitoge Kirisaki. Raku is the son of Yakuza boss Shuei-Gumi and is a humble and stammering modern man. While Chitoge is the daughter of the head of Beehive (a rival organization). She is a confident and strong woman. The anime series also had another female lead named Kosaki Onodera. She is Raku’s beloved best friend since childhood.

The two (Raku & Chitoge) unexpectedly met each other at a high school and became companions. They soon realize that they are the children of two opposing gangs, and their relationship may not be suitable. Moreover, the anime series has a complex but romantic love story with a lot of twists and turns.

Nisekoi Season 3

Nisekoi Season 3: Release Date

The creators officially neither canceled nor renewed Nisekoi Season 3. So the fans can still believe that the third season will come. If the anime gets a green light later this year, then the fans can expect the third season to release sometime in 2021.