One Punch Man Season 2: Everything You Need to Know – Latest Updates

one punch man Season 2

We all have been waiting for One Punch Man Season 2 for a really long time now. The first season of the anime was released in October 2015 and after its completion was put on the hiatus. For those who do not know what hiatus is, let me explain. Hiatus is a Japanese word for pause, and when any manga or anime takes a long break between its continuations it is said that the project is being put on the hiatus. But the wait is finally over as the producers of the show have just announced that the Season 2 of the anime will soon begin to air.

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One Punch Man’s manga and anime, both have shown a great response from the audience. The manga had surpassed 8 million hits in 2012. Soon after that, its digital manga had begun publication where the chapters are periodically collected and printed into tankoubon volumes. With the great success of the manga, the series began its anime adaptation by Madhouse which aired in 2015 in Japan. Its English dub was released in 2016 which also received positive reviews and praises from the international audience.

Even though there has been a confirmation of “One Punch Man Season 2” but still there is no confirm news from the studio. The producers have not even announced the release date of the new season. The fans got excited by the news of One Punch Man being removed from hiatus and starting its production but still, the producers are not willing to announce any further update.

one punch man Season 2

When the character designer of the anime, Chikashi Kubota made an appearance at a convention a fan asked him about his ongoing projects. Chikashi teased the audience by saying that he is currently working on FLCL and One Punch Man. He further added that the FLCL trailer is almost finished and will be made published soon. About the One Punch Man, he said that the new season will be released before the Evangelion Final.

All we know right now about the One Punch Man Season 2 is that it is going to be developed by J. C. Staff studio and not be Madhouse studio which developed the first season of the series. Even though the series has got new developers and a new director but the original voice actors of the season 1 will be returning for the new season. Moreover, the news of the continuation of the series was first announced by the voice artists.

According to a few sources, there is an anime event known as One Punch Man Maji Guensai to be held on August 12 this year where the studio may drop the first official trailer of the “One Punch Man Season 2” in front of fans. There cannot be any other reason for organizing such a great event with the name of One Punch Man if they are not releasing its trailer. The event may be exclusive to a few audiences but if the trailer is released we will make it sure to get the news to you.

one punch man Season 2

One Punch Man is the story of the hero Saitama, who trained hard to become so strong that his single punch is enough to destroy monsters and villains. Saitama has now grown bored with the absence of challenge in his life and he does not feel to go for a kill. He is looking for the excitement and passion in his life which he used to feel before and that is when he encounters Cyborg Genos and eventually joins the Hero Association. He gets official recognition and destroys many villains using his punches.

Spoilers for the One Punch Man Season 2

The Season 2 of the One Punch Man is going to be released soon but still, we do not know any confirm date. Though, there have been some speculations about what is going to in the next season. According to some spoilers the disciple of Bang, Garou is going to reappear in the “One Punch Man Season 2”. We last saw him in episode 10 of the first season. We did not get to see much about him and he was only introduced as a cameo. But in the One Punch Man Season 2, we might see Garou in his full glory. It is being said that Garou is going to play some very important role in the future of the One Punch Man.

one punch man Season 2

Some other spoilers say that there is something similar is going to happen like the headquarters of the monsters in z city. The Season 2 will reveal something big going on among the monsters and villains which may out the superheroes in trouble. The character designer of the show, Chikashi Kubota also told a fan that they are working on some new characters to debut in the One Punch Man Season 2.

One Punch Man Season 2 Release date

It is speculated that by August 12 there will be release of the first trailer for the One Punch Man Season 2. If the One Punch Man Maji Guensai didn’t release the trailer then at least the producers will announce the official release date of the next season. There have not been any other information known about the “One Punch Man Season 2” but we will try to keep you updated with the latest news and spoilers about the One Punch Man Season 2.