Overlord Season 4: Spoilers, Plot Details & Release Date Updates

overlord season 4

The fan favourite supernatural, magic and action anime, Overlord III has finally come to an end with Ainz dominating the world with his power. Now fans are wondering about when will Overlord Season 4 release.

The third season of Overlord was aired between July 10, 2018, to October 2, 2018, and the online game based series is becoming more and more popular. The plot of Overlord is based on the light novel with the same name.

Since the beginning of the Overlord anime, animators honestly follow the light novel which is written by Kugane Maruyama. It is expected that Overlord Season 4 will adapt the volumes 10, 11 and 12 of the light novel.

So the main question is, do the animators need more than expected time to make Overlord IV? To keep you updated the official announcement is yet to be made by the production studio Madhouse.

Overlord Season 4

From the start, creators are pulling out content from three volumes per season. However, if animators decide to make Overlord Season 4 right now out of the volumes 10, 11 and 12, then they will not have enough material for producing next season. As volume 14 of the light novel series is expected to release in 2020 due to the workload and previous commitments of Kugane.

In an interview, in 2017 Kugane revealed that why volumes are taking forever to release.

Kugane said, “I thought the [story arc] was going to be long, which is why I split it into two volumes, he added, But the schedule isn’t set in stone, so you’ll have to wait a bit.”

Overlord Season 4 – *Exclusive* Spoilers and Plot

By the end of season 3, we saw that Ainz finally has a great strategy to dominate the whole world. His subordinates are ready to make Ainz’s wish come true.

If the 4th season follows the light novel series like the previous seasons, it is expected Ainz will plan to take over the throne of Sorcerer King. Ainz decides to turn his kingdom into a utopia, forever thriving world with various races that submit to him. For the first step, he strengthens the Adventures Guild and nurtures the adventurers.

Prologues open with the Albedo conveying her feeling to his beloved master. And also she lists down the upcoming duties for her master. After discovering Sorcerer kingdom, Ainz enters the former mayor’s chamber after taking over the E-Rantel. Next, to Ainz, there is a homunculus maid named Foss who watches over him throughout the night loyally.

Overlord Season 4

When Ainz first enters his study along with maid Fifth, Albedo and Elder Liches make their way to his study, and the conversation begins.

Pandora’s actor asks his father that what Ainz intend to do with this vast nation? Ainz himself is unaware of what to do with this nation. To get some ideas and hope, he roams around on the streets with Homunculus maid Fifth.

Ainz asks Fifth about the country and starts a conversation with her. She tells him that she’s happy that Ainz is ruling this nation but felt bad that no one came to greet the new ruler. After hearing the conversation, he finally thought to turn this kingdom into a utopia, where all races kneel to him and honor him.

Out of his habit, he reaches Adventurer’s Guild. He sees that there are no Adventurers inside. Because of the new ruler, they have a hard time to find jobs in hunting down the monsters. After having deep thoughts, Ainz decides that Adventure will also live their own lives as Adventurers instead of protecting the residents.

Overlord Season 4 Release Date 

Overlord Season 4 is yet to be officially announced, but still, fans are looking forward to it. Moreover, it is predicted that the next season might be coming in 2020 or beyond it according to some reports. Overlord’s current popularity might be enough to convince the studio to produce another season of the anime. Stay tuned for more news and updates on Overlord’s next instalment.

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