Little Witch Academia Season 2: Confirmed? Spoilers and Updates on Sequel

Little Witch Academia Season 2

Being one of the most beloved and watched anime series of the year, Little Witch Academia disappointed the fans because of its shortened release on the Netflix. Only thirteen out of 25 episodes dubbed episodes were streamed on Netflix. Little Witch Academia franchise has also treated the fans with two short films which were released in the years 2013 and 2015. Now fans mainly have two questions in mind, when they will get rest of the episodes and what’s the future of Little Witch Academia Season 2? Fortunately, Trigger Studio is very pleased by the recently released anime’s popularity and is currently working on the development of “Little Witch Academia Season 2”.

The English streaming service provider of the show, Netflix released only 13 dubbed episodes whereas the rest episodes were expected to release by the end of June. However, the month passed by and still the fans haven’t got rest of the English dubbed episodes of their favorite series. The first season of the anime has a total of 25 episodes with the last episode released on June 26, 2017, in Japan. Now when the Studio is in the talks for “Little Witch Academia Season 2”, English viewers are still struggling for the completion of the first season.

Little Witch Academia Season 2

The anime depicts the story of a young girl Atsuko Kagari also known as Akko. She is enrolled in the Luna Nova Magical Academy, a prestigious school for young girls training to become witches. However, Akoo struggles because she has no magical background but everything changes when she finds the Shiny Rod, a powerful magic relic left behind by Shiny Chariot, a legendary witch. Akko is guided by one of her teachers to wield the Rod and harness its powers. The anime moves forwards with complex plots and subplots. Sometimes the anime uses noticeable references to “Harry Potter’ franchise.

The director of the anime, Yoh Yoshinari claimed in an interview with Crunchyroll that he would love to make Little Witch Academia season 2. He said that the spin off could be based on the arc of the manga ‘Night Fall’ can be used for the plot of the “Little Witch Academia Season 2”. Other than that, Trigger studio is also developing a video game in the franchise by the name of ‘Little Witch Academia: Chamber of time’. The video game is expected to release by early 2018 for the North American and European markets. The game will be made only available for Play Station 4 and Xbox One platforms, the game will also be provided with stream functions.

Spoilers for the “Little Witch Academia Season 2”

Director of the anime, Yoh Yoshinari mentioned in his interview with Crunchyroll that they are currently planning for the Little Witch Academia season 2. He also mentioned some of the possibilities for the upcoming season. He said that he would like the story of the “Little Witch Academia Season 2” could be centered on Shiny Chariot. Chariot is one of the legendary witches and is the one who is Akko’s ideal. The director also wants to create an anime spin off for Chariot’s story but most likely it will be used for season 2.

Little Witch Academia Season 2

The Little Witch Academia Season 2 will probably follow stories of Shiny Chariot’s youth and how she wielded the Shiny Rod. The second season may also reveal the origin of the Shiny Rod and the mysteries behind it. The main story will follow the Chariot helping Akku in her adventures and to defeat the new enemies which she will face. Upon confronting an evil wizard from past it will be revealed to Akku that the teacher who helped her in the first season to learn more about Shiny Rod and guided her to wield it properly is, in fact, the Shiny Chariot.

When Little Witch Academia Season 2 will be Released?

For now, there are no official statements about the release date of “Little Witch Academia Season 2,” but the director of the anime series has already confirmed to be in the talks of Studio. No confirmation to the new season is getting to the nerves of the fans as they are hoping for the anime to continue. Trigger studio is currently busy with a few lined up animes to be released until next year. Looking at all of that, the new season of the anime is expected to be released by the end of 2018.


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