ReLIFE Season 2: What and When To Expect The Sequel?

Relife Season 2

“ReLIFE” is a Japanese science fantasy anime series which was aired from July 2016 to Sept 2016. The first season of the anime left the fans wondering about a lot of things. And since then, everyone is waiting for the word regarding “ReLIFE Season 2” from the directors as well as from the production studio.

What are the possibilities of a Sequel?

For now, whether ReLIFE Season 2 will be released or not is still not clear. But there is a high possibility that it will happen because the end of the season one left many answered questions such as will Arata be able to return to his original life? How does the ReLIFE company will know that the test was successful or not? Will his future change after returning to present? The all questions can only be answered by “ReLIFE Season 2”.

Updated on 14/04/2018: The production house released 4 OVAs on 21st March 2018, and the OVAs were appreciated by many fans. The release of OVAs has concluded the anime story of the series and we might not get a second season. I know this is disappointing for both of us.

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What’s in News for ReLIFE Season 2

The series ended in September 2016 and since then there has been no official word from the production team about the ReLIFE Season 2. But recently on 27th April 2017, it was officially announced that the series will be back for the four OVA episodes.

Relife Season 2

“ReLIFE” Season 2 will happen or not will be based on the progress of the story in the upcoming four OVA episodes.

“ReLIFE” is a story of a 27-year-old unemployed man, Arata Kaizaki, who is struggling to make the ends meet. He lies to his friends about him being successful and borrows money from his parents to get the bread and butter of a day. He works part-time at a mini market, one day, he is approached by a man named Ryo who offers him a job in a company named ReLIFE but he needs to become a tester for the company. The test is a scientific experiment where he will be sending back to high school and giving him a chance to experiment youth once again and fixing wrongs in his life.

“ReLIFE Season 2” Release Date

Since the news has arrived that the OVA episodes of the “ReLIFE” will be released to continue the story. Therefore, the release of the “ReLIFE Season 2” will obviously happen after that. Unfortunately, for now, there is been no information about the release of ReLIFE Season 2 however, the OVA episodes are confirmed to be released in March 2018.