Shokugeki no Soma/Food Wars Season 4 Confirmed? Release Date, Plot

Food Wars Season 4

Food Wars! is one of the most fan-favorite anime of all time. The anime just completed the second half of its third season in June. The fans are now waiting for the studio, J. C. Staff to announce the Food Wars Season 4. The fans and the studio both are excited about Shokugeki no Soma Season 4. Although the release date of the new season is yet to finalized.

Future of the Food Wars

The third season or popularly known as the ‘Food Wars! Third Plate’ was completed with the latter half ‘Totsuki Express’ in 2018. There is a lot from the story to continue in the Food Wars Season 4. The new story arc of the anime is going to provide the characters with more difficulties and will be seen preparing delicious food.

During the Jump Festa 2018, the studio announced that the series would continue its story in the Food Wars Season 4 which will be known as Food Wars! Fourth Plate. It is reported that the Shokugeki no Soma Season 4 will follow the ‘Promotion Exams’ story arc.

Totsuki Academy is already divided into factions fighting for the souls of the culinary industry during the Moon Banquet Festival. The Food Wars! Season 3 was filled with quiet excitement and mouth-watering dishes. The Moon Banquet Festival took a rather interesting turn with the entry of Erina’s father, Azami Nakiri, into the story.

More exposure to the Elite Council of Ten in the Food Wars Season 4

The third season of the Food Wars! introduced us with the Elite Council of Ten, which are the highest rank of chefs at the academy and who are the world’s most renowned chefs. However, we just got a brief introduction to the Elite Council of Ten rather than a lengthy one. Each member of the council holds a unique talent in the kitchen. The Shokugeki no Soma Season 4 may give some insight about the individual members and their backstories the story proceeds.

A lot wasn’t told about Terunori Kuga and Rindo Kobayashi. The fans felt the Elite Council of Ten was a little rushed in comparison to how other characters in the series have been introduced so far. This may also be because the writers want to create suspense regarding something related to the Elite Council. It was revealed during the first season that, Soma’s father was the second seat at the Elite Council, there may be something related to that and the new job of Soma’s father.

The Elite Council of Ten has debuted during the Food Wars! OVA with the title, “Totsuki’s Elite Ten” which came along with one of the limited editions of Food Wars! Shkugeki no Soma Volume 25. Soon after that, curiosity about the Council began to wave up amongst the fans. Now when the council has been introduced in the third season, the fans want to know more about them and Soma’s father being at the second position in the Elite Council of Ten.

Food Wars Season 4

Shokugeki no Soma Season 4 Possibility from the Manga

The second cour of the Third Plate which was released earlier this year adopted the promotional exams story arc which is going to get continued with the Food Wars Season 5 or technically Season 4 of the anime. The Third Plate skipped a few chapters from the manga in order, to sum up, the story in the course of 24 episodes. Season 4 of the anime could follow a similar trend, but it is sure that the production studio will savor the story and provide the fans with the most manga accurate story in the anime.

The third season ended with covering the 217 chapters of the manga. Food Wars Season 4 will complete the promotional exams story arc which will conclude in the manga chapter 263. The Shokugeki no Soma Season 4 will cover the whole story arc and will end with the completion of the promotional exams arc.

However, the manga is still running, and till 16 October 2018, a total chapter 271 has been released. This suggests after season 4 fans might have to wait longer for Food Wars Season 5. As the anime strictly follows the manga, without enough source material, fans might have to wait longer for Shokugeki no Soma Season 5.

Food Wars Season 4 Release Date

There has not been any announcement by the J. C. Staff about when they are planning to release the Shokugeki no Soma Season 4. Although the anime is very popular and the current story arc is still unfinished, therefore it is a thing for sure that the J. C. Staff will start the production of the season 4 of the anime very soon.

The studio, J. C. Staff, is currently producing ‘A Certain Magical Index 3’ and has plans for one more anime in 2018 and three more anime including ‘One Punch Man season 2’ in 2019. The studio can efficiently manage to start the production of the Food Wars Season 4 in 2019 and may release it during the second half of 2019.

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its in october I think