Super Lovers Season 3: Release Date Delayed? Everything To Know

Super Lovers Season 3

It’s been three years since we last watched one of the best Yaoi animes of all time. As of now, the studio is yet to wave the green flag for Super Lovers Season 3. In fact, as per the current situation, fans won’t be able to watch any new episodes until the next few years. But why is Season 3 delayed? Here’s everything you need to know.

The anime adaptation of a popular manga series of the same name debuted back in April 2016. It barely took any time to win our hearts and became an instant hit. Besides the target audience of the genre, Super Lovers appealed to people of every sexuality. Audiences loved its ‘slice of life’ tone and heart-warming storyline and expected more episodes after Season 2. 

Will The Anime Ever Come Out?

The second installment of the popular shōnen-ai anime series debuted back in January 2019 and concluded by March of the same year. However, that was the last time we heard of any major details about the future of the show. Studio Deen has kept all Super Lovers Season 3 information hidden. However, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of a new season.

It’s not unusual for animes to have long gaps between seasons. In fact, some anime shows take 4 to 5 years to return. Hence, there still hope for another installment of Super Lovers. Studio Deen has been busy with plenty of animated TV series they have produced over the last few years. In fact, the studio has plans for 2020 as well. This includes the third season of Log Horizon Season 3 and a new Sailor Moon Crystal movie. 

Super Lovers Season 3

On the other hand, Super Lovers is still economically viable for the studio and the creators of the manga series. Both the previous seasons of the anime adaptation have turned out to be successful deals for the producers, gathering millions of people to watch the episodes. Besides, the anime installments also helped to increase the sale of the manga series. Super Lovers Season 3 is still in high demand, and its release can bring in a potential profit. Hence, it’s hard to believe that Studio Deen will cancel the anime anytime soon. 

Super Lovers Season 3: Delayed?

Fans have begun to raise questions against the three-year-long hiatus after Season 2. In fact, some of them are starting to lose hope for the third season. Luckily, Super Lovers Season 3 still has high chances for release. However, one of the main reasons behind its delay is the lack of source material.

The Super Lovers manga series consists of thirteen volumes, as of February 2020. The first two installments of the anime adapted the plot of five volumes each. Hence, Season 3 only has three manga volumes to cover, and it is not enough. Studio Deen will take at least two more books to create a full season. 

Super Lovers Season 3

The writer of the manga series, Miyuki Abe, publishes only one volume per year (on average). The last one came out in August 2019; hence, Volume 14 might arrive sometime this year. Whereas, a fifteenth volume may release around early to mid-2021. Studio Deen may start the productions of ‘Super Lovers Season 3’ soon after that. The installment will most probably begin to tell the story from Volume 11 of the manga series. 

Super Lovers Season 3 Release Date

The studio is yet to order a third Super Lovers season, which makes it difficult for us to predict an air date. However, the installment might come around as early as Studio Deen has enough source material. Fans will have to wait until 2021 to get an official renewal. After that, the producers may take almost a year to develop a full season. Yet, under all circumstances, Super Lovers Season 3 may not premiere anytime sooner than late-2021 or early-2022. The release date may alter depending upon the production time. 

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