Teen Titans Season 6 – Confirmed? Post-Credit Scene Teases Sequel

Teen Titans Season 6

Your mighty superheroes can return soon to fight against the evil in Teen Titans Season 6. The last episode of this American animated superhero television series aired on January 16, 2006. The fans of Teen Titans got shattered with the end of the series. However, rumors around that the TV Series created by Glen Murakami, based on characters of the same name from the DC Comics can make a come back for Season 6, but, with a little catch.

Teen Titans Go! Post-Credit Scene Hints For a Sequel

People might be getting confused between Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go as the same thing. Well, it’s not. There are two types of Teen Titans. The series that we are talking about is anime-inspired. While the other one is recently rebooted “Teen Titans Go.”

The post-credit scene of Teen Titans Go movie hinted the renewal of Teen Titans season 6. The post credit scene featured the native members of the Teen Titans in their larger, better art styles. This larger, better version of Robin also said that they might have found a way to come back. This statement of Robin gave the hint to reinforce the come back of a Teen Titans Season 6.

Voice Actress Tara Predicts the Teen Titans Season 6 Future

Tara Strong, the voice actress behind Raven, tweeted long ago that if the Teen Titans Go! The movie does well. Teen Titans can come back with a Season 6. Teen Titans Go! Released in the later July of this year and did great on the box-office. The statement of Tara and success of the movie made fans assured of Teen Titans Season 6.

Well! We can believe that Tara Strong’s statement “So go see it! Even if you hate us!!” sure made an impact. The series has a quite massive fan base and will love to see their superheroes fighting against the evil once again.

Teen Titans Season 6 – Release Date

The last season of Teen Titans aired in 2006 and its been 12 years without the superheroes. The news of Teen Titans Season 6 spread like a fire. Every fan of the series is excited to watch the adventures, thrill, and fun of the Team. Well! Who doesn’t want to hear the ever-loved voice of Tara Strong again? The story can focus on as many aspects as they wish. There are innumerable possibilities, and fans are excited to see their Teen Titans under such circumstances as soon as possible.

The Cartoon Network has not made any announcements regarding the release of the series. Also, there has been no word on whether animation for the season has even started. This delay in announcement of dates has made fans more and more excited about the series. Announcements can happen very soon as fans are growing eager to know when their superheroes are returning.

What Can We Expect From Teen Titans Season 6

There are rumors around that the Teen Titans will make a start from where it ended in the fifth season. However, there are a significant number of possibilities for a new plot of Teen Titans Season 6.

With many options and theories, there are certain things the fans of Teen Titans will want in the Season 6.

1. Terra’s Doppelganger

The Series Finale “Things Change” was as mysterious and confusing as it gets. The finale focused on Beast Boy finding out what appeared to be a very much alive Terra. The girl who only claims to be a high school student gets angry when Beast Boy confuses her with Terra. However, the doubt of doppelganger not being a different girl entirely is still there. As she may have chosen to shun her previous life.

2. Return Of Slade

Slade was the main Villain of the Teen Titans Season 2. He is not the main adversary of the Teen Titans Season 6, but, a Teen Titans rallying wouldn’t be complete without the return of Slade. One of the deadliest and iconic villains of the Teen Titans will add spices to the recipe of Teen Titans Season 6.

3. Return Of Control Freak

If Slade is the most Deadliest Villain in the history of Teen Titans, then Control Freak is the Funniest villain of Teen Titans. Control Freak is the one who managed to root the Titans no end of trouble. This makes Control freak Funny and Dangerous at the same time. This mixture will undoubtedly serve as a significant problem and challenge for our Teen Titans.

The return of Teen Titans has made fans excited all over the globe. For the adults of society, it is imperative to have a superhero animated series for their children. The new adventures, villains, challenges, and fun will retake this series to its peak. Fans can’t wait to see the Teen Titans Season 6.

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