The Release Date for the Anime Radiant has been Revealed


Based on the very popular manga of the same name, Lerch studio’s anime adaptation of Radiant is set to release. Recently, the director Seiji Kishi has revealed that the anime is going to release somewhere in the fall of 2018. The production of the Radiant is almost at the end, and the anime will release on online media very soon.

The anime lovers have been waiting for a release date of Radiant for a long time. Since first the Studio Lerch has announced their plans to adapt Radiant into anime, the fans have lost their patience in excitement. The anime is a shounen fantasy and magic-themed series which will revolve around the life of the protagonist, Seth.

Radiant is the story of Seth who is one of the few people who has encountered with Nemesis and lived to tell the tale. Nemesis is the creatures which contaminate and then decimate everything they come in contact of. This encounter gave Seth supernatural powers, which he has now put in use to fight and exterminate Nemesis. Seth dreams of ending the terror of Nemesis by reaching to the place of their origin, Radiant. Seth leads the quest to Radiant along with his fellow sorcerers under the harsh scrutiny of inquisition.

The official website of Tony Valente’s Radiant has recently released the first trailer of the series. The video introduces the main characters of the series and gives a brief description of what the audience can expect from the anime. According to the director, Seiji Kishi, the anime will release on October 6, 2018. Another confirmation about the anime is that it is going to be 21 episodes long.

According to Crunchyroll, Radiant is going to be another hit fantasy anime after ‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of the Ten Commandments’ this year. Radiant has the potential to get the anime lovers like it. Masato Koda makes the music of the anime while the opening theme of the series, ‘Utopia’ will be performed by 04 Limited Sazabys. The character designs of the series are being done by Nozomi Kawano, and the series composition is taken cared by Makato Uezo.