Tokyo Ghoul: re Season 2 Episode 8 Spoilers: Will their be peace?

Tokyo ghoul: re season 2

Tokyo Ghoul: re Season 2 episodes are having a serious turn of events. And Tokyo Ghoul fans are on edge their seats to watch the Tokyo Ghoul: re Season 2 Episode 8. Also, fans can’t hold their breaths for the release of the new episode as Touka and Kaneki finally got married. Further, Tsukiyama arranged a big feast celebration for their new King and Queen of ghouls.


The Oggai are running wild in Tokyo, and they are killing every ghoul they encounter. The CCG has become unstoppable, and they’re going all out. They have the intention to murder every single ghoul that they see in front of them. Moreover, the Oggai are doing work for Furuta to exterminate every ghoul.

tokyo ghoul:re season 2 episode 8

Fans are falling over the main couple of series as they share their first intimate scene on screen. Along with the relationship they have, they are getting married according to the customs of ghouls as Touka is pregnant with Kaneki’s child. Touka reveals that Ghouls get married through biting on each other as hard they can on the person they want to love until they die.

Moreover, the death sentence for Yoriko is placed, and Kaneki has to do something to stop this eve of execution as Yoriko is also worried about the safety of his wife.

And in Tokyo Ghoul: re Season 2 Episode 8, Takeomi Kuroiwa commands Urie and Saiko to leave CCG as the organization is going mindlessly without their leader.
Besides, we’ll also see that some underground ghouls are starving to death. Kaneki will start a mission to get food for the ghouls that will last around 1.5 years.
The next episode of Tokyo Ghoul: re season 2 is expected to be intense, and fans will be excited about what’s to come.


Everyone who is a fan of Tokyo Ghoul is waiting for the real action between ghouls and humans. Who’s going to win this war – Humans or Ghouls? Will Kaneki Ken, the King ghouls, be able to stop the extermination of ghouls? Will, there ever be peace between humans and ghouls?

Tokyo Ghoul: re Season 2 Episode 8 is going to release on 27 November 2018. Stay tuned for more Tokyo Ghoul Spoilers and Updates.

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