Tokyo Ghoul Season 4: Everything You Need to Know Release Date, Plot

Tokyo Ghoul Season 4

It is a good news for the fans as Tokyo Ghoul Season 4 is confirmed and will start right from where the season 3 ended. The third season of Tokyo Ghoul has just finished, and it got surprisingly great reception by the audience. Tokyo Ghoul has been an anime which has been criticized by the viewers for a long time because it does not stay faithful to the manga yet it had a great fan following. However, the season 3 of the Tokyo Ghoul surprised the fans by its excellent story and the great thriller suspense in the story.

However, the season 3 of the anime surprised the fans by its excellent story and the great thriller suspense in the story. It earned great appreciation and now fans are eagerly waiting for the Tokyo Ghoul Season 4. The production studio Pierrot has confirmed the Season 4 of the anime. The season 4 is going to continue with the Tokyo Ghoul: Re which is the set of events of anime which are set two years after the events of the original series.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 4 Plot

The story of Tokyo Ghoul: Re revolves around Haise Sasaki who is a member of CCG and leader of the special squad of investigators. Haise’s squad has implanted Quinque, a specialty weapon, into their own bodies to become half ghouls. It is later revealed that Haise is actually Kaneki Ken from the original series which is suffering from amnesia.

According to some spoilers for the season 4 of Tokyo Ghoul, the final arc will introduce the audience with two most badass villains; Dragon and Furutua. Dragon and Furutua are from the final arcs of the Tokyo Ghoul manga, and the will be entirely responsible for the destruction and decay of the Tokyo.

The studios have released a poster teaser for the Tokyo Ghoul Season 4. In this poster, we can see Touka in her post time skip look with a red jacket over the shirt and blue cropped hairs. This poster also shows us a visual of Ken sitting just behind Touka with full white hairs, which means it is actually Haise. The background of the poster defines a worn out, decayed, and destroyed Tokyo city. Something very big is going to go down in the Tokyo Ghoul Season 4.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 4

About Tokyo Ghoul Season 4, it is confirmed that the season is going to be single cour, which means the fourth installment will be airing for a 3-month time period with one episode on a weekly basis. That means there are going to be 12-15 episodes in the season 4 of Tokyo Ghoul season 4.

Tokyo Ghoul: Re Again Release Date

The Tokyo Ghoul manga is in its final chapters. There are possibilities that the season 4 will also be going to adopt an on-going manga arc. There have been more than 80 chapters of the manga to be covered by the anime to make perfect sense, but the anime is going to be only of less than 15 episodes. Tokyo Ghoul Season 4 release date is scheduled for October 2018.

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