Tokyo Ravens Season 2: What is going on with the sequel?

Tokyo Ravens Season 2

Tokyo Ravens is the anime adaptation of the Japanese light novel series of the same name written by Kohie Azano. The anime series ended in 2014 but ever since then, the fans are asking for “Tokyo Ravens Season 2”. The anime was directed by Takaomi Kanasaki and the Tokyo Ravens Season 2 is most likely to return with him. The series is based on Omnyodou magic which is a powerful supernatural technique.

An Omnyoji Yakou ritual is performed in order to make Japan as a formidable country but the ritual goes wrong and causes the whole Japanese continent to be haunted. The Omnyo agency is developed since then to take precautionary and defensive measures against any supernatural activity so that demons can never make their way in real world. The main story of the anime is about Haruturo who doesn’t have any spiritual powers despite being born to an Omnyyoji family. He struggles to save the world when he gets to know that Omnyo Agency is trying to recreate the ritual.

Tokyo Ravens Season 2 Spoilers

As we know, that till date there have been 11 volumes of the manga are released and the first season of the anime took first 9 volumes into its story. For now, only 2 volumes are left for the story of Tokyo Ravens Season 2 which is not enough. Shonen Ace and Atsushi Suzumi haven’t announced a word on the further continuation of the manga.The Tokyo Ravens Season 2 highly depends on the sales of the light novel.  The anime production is mostly used to advertise the novel series. So, after season 1 of the anime if the upcoming novels of the Tokyo Ravens have the high sales then there will the higher chance of producing Tokyo Ravens Season 2.

Tokyo Ravens Season 2

The next arc of the anime may not start from where the season 1 ended. It is from a different perspective than the season 1. This season will explain something that not discussed yet and is foreshadowed till now. Tokyo Ravens Season 2 will more focus on the origin of demonic powers and also the truth of the Omnyoji ritual.

Tokyo Ravens Season 2 Release date

The release date of Tokyo Ravens Season 2 is yet to be officially announced but looking at the recent developments on the subject and the activities of the Shonen Ace, fall of 2018 is anticipated to be the release of “Tokyo Ravens Season 2”.


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