Top 11 Vampire Anime List – Have A Bloodsucking Good Time!

vampire anime

How does it feel like being an immortal? When you have hyper senses and unbelievable abilities that this world can’t define. Vampire Anime explains every aspect of being a creature this world has never seen. Their massive strength, rapid movement, and the humanly emotions too, these ‘considered-beasts’ carry.

Here we present you, our best Vampire Anime list that ever existed in the anime world. This list will make you fall in love all over again with the vampires. These anime will make you feel realistic every time you watch one of the following anime.

11. Trinity Blood

Vampire anime

Trinity Blood follows the after story of an apocalyptic war between Human race and Vampires. However, the series focuses on the cold war between the Vatican, the Human government and the vampiric Methuselah government. The protagonist of the series, Abel Nightroad, who fights his own kind for the Vatican.

With his one and only companion and lover Rose, he discovers that only they hold the chance to stop this war. Do have a blood-sucking good time with this Vampire Anime series.

10. Strike the Blood

Vampire anime

In the demon city of Japan, Itogami, where monsters and humans co-exist. The legends of the town speak of the fourth progenitor, a legendary vampire who is said to hold destructible power. Akatsuki Kojou, a formerly high school student, finds himself in a confused position when he becomes the fourth progenitor legendary vampire. But still develops a harem with various young ladies.

Akatsuki Kojou’s unimaginable power threats the Lion King Organisation. They send Himeragi Yukina, a Swordswomen to keep an eye on him. The series is full of action and Vampire harem drama.

9. Black Blood Brothers

Vampire anime

Black Blood Brothers feature both good and evil aspects of vampires and undead monsters. Ten years ago, a hero earned the name of Silver Blade by striking down the leader of Kowloon children. And after so many years he is seeking to penetrate the barrier where all monsters and demons reside.

As he travels to the Special zone, he encounters many enemies that hold grudges against him. This anime will make you an addict to the vampire genre. And will take you on the realistic virtual journey of monster hunting.

8. Vampire Knight

Vampire anime

The Cross Academy is a boarding school which runs two shifts in a day, one in the daytime and another at night. And of course, the night shift is for the bloodsuckers. Yuki Cross along with her childhood friend trying to make vampires and humans co-exist in the same place.

Yes! You’ve read it correctly, monsters and humans will try to keep the peace. Yuki Cross, a guardian of the Day classes along with a Vampire hunter Zero from the secret vampires of the Night class, their romance in the series adds some extra spice in this Vampire Anime.

7. Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign

Vampire anime

A mysterious human-made virus kills everyone who is older than 13 years. In addition to this, vampires came out from hiding to take over the world. However, not all kids are happy with the life of livestock. A young man named Yūichirō Hyakuya is one of them. He joins the Vampire Extermination unit to avenge the deaths of his parents. And he is determined to reclaim his best friend Mikaela Hyakuya from the vampires.

Yūichirō has decided to take up the sword against the bloodsuckers who have hurt his family and friends. It will be interesting to see how the kid battle against these powerful monsters.

6. Blood +

Vampire anime

There are two sides – Chiropterans, monsters who feed on the blood of the living creatures and Red Shield, a task force committed to slaughtering their vampire enemies. Moreover, the protagonist of the story, Saya suffers from anemic amnesia and can’t remember anything beyond the previous year. But she is recruited in this task force to uncover her mysterious past.

5. Blood Lad

Vampire anime

We welcome you to the life of a powerful, bossy, and destructive vampire who wants to spend the days as an otaku. Yes, you read it right. Staz Charlie Blood wants to live his life as a Japanese otaku. He’s so much into the reading manga, watching anime, and playing video games.

Moreover, suddenly a Japanese girl walks into the demon world through a mysterious portal. Staz is happy to see someone who shares his interests. However, shortly after the meeting of two, the girl gets killed by a carnivorous plant. Now, Staz takes responsibility to revive her by following her spirit. This epic twist in the story attracts many fans to binge watch the show.

4. Vampire Hunter D

Vampire anime

D, a Dunpeal is a renowned bounty hunter with outstanding skills of hunting the creatures of the night. D is a Dhampir, a hybrid of human and vampire.

This is a tale of a powerful vampire named as Meier Link, who falls in love with a princess of a kingdom and elopes with her. D is hired to rescue the daughter of the family. D gets in all sorts of trouble to save her including the fellow bounty hunters and Links henchmen.

3. Castlevania

Vampire anime

Inspired by the Japanese video game, the story features an angry vampire who curses the whole village for burning his wife because of false accusation of being a witch. To fight the vampire’s evil monstrous army, a monster hunter shows up. This an epic battle between an imitated Dracula and his demonic army versus Vampire hunter with a magician and vampire’s Dhampir son.

2. Hellsing Ultimate

Vampire anime

Years ago, Dr. Van Helsing majorly narrowed down the population of Dracula. But unlike the novel endings, he didn’t die right there. He was taken to England and took over the hold of an organization known as “Hellsing.” He is the ultimate superpowered weapon for the dangerous creatures. The organization is dedicated for mankind, their safety and protection is the organization’s main priority.

Moreover, at the turn of events, a new threat arises for humanity. Everyone should experience this thrilling feeling when the world’s worst enemy becomes the greatest protector.

1. Shiki

Vampire anime

Shiki is taking first place in our list because nothing else is quite like it! Warning: Not for the faint heart people. Like other Vampires in the above anime series do not expect to find a friendly or romantic vampire in this series.

A picturesque little village is the in the middle of an unknown disease infestation and causing series of bizarre deaths of hundreds of people in the village. However, their unexpected death marks the beginning of something more ferocious and evil. A young doctor in the village begins to suspect these unnatural deaths. With an antisocial youth from the city, they try to find the real cause of the tragedy. Shiki features old-fashioned vampires in the place of the modern ones.

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