Vampire Knight Season 3: When Fans Can Expect The Release of a Sequel?

Vampire Knight Season 3

“Vampire Knight Season 3” has been in the talks for a while now, the anime is produced by Studio Deen and directed by Kiyoko Sayama. The series has reached high ratings and fans are craving for its next installment. Many fans were highly disappointed when it was heard that the series will be ending soon but soon everyone realized that it was a hoax and there are still many possibilities for the anime in the future.

Director of the anime, Kiyoko Sayama said in an interview with MTV, that he does not have a clue if the “Vampire Knight season 3” will take place or not. But if it does happen he has a few ways to intrigue the audiences even more in it. He also said that there are high chances that the Vampire Knight Season 3 will outperform the first two Seasons. Fans will love the plot he has set up for it and the rating may also go even higher than the previous Seasons. But in the end, he repeated the fact that he is still in the shadow, whether there will be “Vampire Knight Season 3” or not?

Spoilers for the Vampire Knight Season 3

There have been several volumes of the manga released recently which can be used for the production of the Vampire Knight Season 3. After the revelations about Zero in the last episodes of Season 2, the relationship between Yuki and Zero had fallen. Vampire Knight Season 3 will showcase Zero on a path of atonement. Meanwhile, he will confess his feelings for Yuki and tells her that he wouldn’t mind if she had killed him. The two will get together when Kaname will try to kill Zero for his previous actions and will be stopped by Yuki before Kaname’s final blow.

Vampire Knight Season 3

In another arc which is a possibility for Vampire Knight Season 3, Yuki turns into a vampire after drinking Zero’s blood. She gets seriously injured by the Kaname’s attack. In this arc, Kaname makes a decision to wipe out ever pure blood vampire as he thinks they possess a threat to mankind. Later it is revealed that Kaname was mind controlled and as soon as he snaps out of if they discover that many of the vampires at the cross Academy are acting strangely. The strange behavior is revealed to be because of a new blood tablets created by Sara. Sara tells Yuki that, she can control people who have taken the blood tablet as those are made up of her own blood and then admits that she was the one behind Kaname’s actions.

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The anime shows the mysterious world filled with vampires, the main protagonist of the anime is Yuki, who was attacked by a rogue vampire in childhood and rescued by another vampire named Kaname Kuran. She has hazy memories of the incident and it still remains a mystery that what actually happened. Later she is raised by the headmaster of Cross Academy and she becomes a guardian of the vampire race. She is supported by a childhood friend named, Zero Kiryu whose family was brutally murdered by some vampires in his childhood. The story follows revelations from pasts and unlocking a lot of mysteries

Vampire Knight Season 3

The release of the Vampire Knight Season 3

There have been no updates from the Deen Studio about the Vampire Knight Season 3 Release Date. Fortunately, Sayama has hinted that he has “Vampire Knight Season 3” in his plans and may start its development in summer 2018. Till then stay tuned for the latest updates of your favorite anime series.