World Trigger Season 2: We May Get a Sequel Soon as Manga Resumed

World Trigger Season 2

World Trigger Season 2 is on hiatus since April 2016 but fans are still waiting for the sequel to happen. World Trigger is one of the most famous animation works of the Toei animation. The series has been into controversies regarding its revival and continuation ever since there has been a decline in the health of the author of its manga, Daisuke Ashihara. The WorTri had a fantastic run of 73 episodes, and after that, the fans have been waiting for its continuation with the World Trigger season 2.

Reason Behind the Hiatus of the Series

The World Trigger manga debuted in 2013 and is still going on. The sales of the manga were good, but the production started to fall due to the sudden sickness of the author, Daisuke Ashihara. Ashihara is suffering from a medical condition, Cervical Spondylosis which affects the top portion of the spinal column near the neck area. The author took short breaks to undergo surgeries and treatment until the manga finally went on a hiatus in 2016. During all of this, the WorTri anime debuted under the supervision of Toei animation studio.

World Trigger anime continued to air at a slow pace in the hope that the manga will continue to provide it with strong content. However, as the Ashihara’s health continued to decline, he announced in 2016 that he is much worse now. As the manga was put on hiatus, the WorTri anime announced its end. The 73 episodes run of the anime ended in April 2016. It is still unclear if the anime is on a break to wait for enough manga chapters to be published for its production, or it is canceled for good.

Updates regarding the World Trigger Season 2

World Trigger Season 2

Ashihara has announced that his health conditions are improving and hence he is now available and ready to continue with the manga series of World Trigger. The author has even resumed the manga series with the release of the 48th issue on October 29th. The manga is now in the talks to continue the series to run the five issues in the magazine by November 26th.

The author of the manga wants to complete a set of volumes before going for his bed rest. His medical condition does not allow him to work for longer hours. But still, Ashihara insists that he wants to complete the World Trigger series. This may be excellent news for the fans because now the fans can hope for season 2 of the anime as well. With now the author writing the new source material every week, there will be enough content for the anime to begin with.

Possibilities of World Trigger Season 2

World Trigger is one of the best anime of the era, and it hurts the fans that it has an uncertain future. WorTri provides an incredible story set in a fantasy world with fun characters and action-packed battle scenes. WorTri has incredibly handled all of the aspects of a good anime with consistency. As the manga is still progressing, we can say that there is still a future of the World trigger season 2. Fans might get new episodes of the series once there is enough source content for them.

World Trigger Season 2

With the Ashihara’s continued illness, the future of the World Trigger season 2 is still unclear. The WorTri anime followed the manga till episode 48, and after that, it began its own original story with new character exclusive only to the anime with the ‘Fugitive arc.’ The arc ran from episodes 49 to 63, and after that, the series continued with adopting another volume of the manga. The ‘fugitive arc’ was highly appreciated by the fans although there were some who didn’t like the story being moved away from the manga.

World Trigger Storyline

WorTri is set in a world where a gate has been opened between the worlds of humans and monsters which are known as ‘neighbors.’ The heroes are always ditching their classes to fight neighbors with the special power energy blades and barrages of bullets known as ‘triggers.’ The protective force standing between the safety of humans is the National Defence Agency, also known as ‘Border.’ WorTri takes you on an action-packed journey where Border saves lives on a daily basis.

The Release of World Tigger Season 2

With the improvements in the health conditions of the author of the World Trigger manga series, new hope has emerged for the fans of the series. Many have lost their faith in the series and had accepted that WorTri would make it to its end. But now it is very sure the WorTri will resume, although at a slower pace.

If we have to assume, the WorTri manga will have enough volumes of the series by the end of March to start the production of the World Trigger season 2. If the things work out fine and smoothly there are chances that the new season of the anime will release by the mid of 2019.

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