Yuri on Ice Season 2: Confirmed for 2018? News Updates and Spoilers

yuri on ice season 2

Yuri on Ice is a Japanese sports anime, written by Mitsurou Kubo and directed by Sayo Yamamoto. The anime became a lot popular in both Japan as well as America within no time. The new plotline concept of the anime made it a fan favorite and now millions of fans are eagerly waiting for the Yuri on Ice season 2.

The story follows Yuri, a 23 old ice skater who puts his career on hold after a big defeat in Grand-Prix final. He visits his old friend, Yuko in his hometown Kyushu who was his previous ice rink mate. At an ice rink, Yuko secretly records him mimicking a skating routine of his idol, Victor Nikiforov. Yuko uploads the video on the internet and the video footage becomes viral. The video catches the eyes of Victor who later approaches Yuri in the city of Kyushu and offers to train him in order to revive his career in figure skating.

yuri on ice season 2

The popularity of the show is arguably due to sports plotline of the series and a wide discussion of same-sex romantic relations between Yuri and Victor. The series won three awards at Tokyo Anime Festival, a Japan Character Award, and seven Crunchyroll’s inaugural awards.

Yuri on Ice season 2 is awaited by the audience but it seems like is not happening anytime sooner. The main reason behind this is also delighting as the producers are putting their concern over the movie adaptation of the anime. The production house has made it clear that Yuri on Ice season 2 is not happening before the movie adaptation. Many fans are happy by the news of movie adaptation but just like Highschool DxD Season 5 a few are still looking forward the story to continue through the second season of “Yuri on Ice”.

The creators of the show revealed that Yuri on Ice season 2 will focus more on the relationship between Yuri and Victor. In the previous season, Victor acted as the coach and mentor of Yuri while his love was for Yuko. This season might develop the bisexual feeling in Yuri which will cause confusion in his mind and it may distract him from his goal to win the Grand Prix this year. With the closeness between Victor and Yuri, Yuko will be surrounded by jealousy in Yuri on Ice season 2 and tension will grow between the two friends. Also, this will lead to the harem plot in the anime which was not explored yet.

yuri on ice season 2

Not only this, it was also hinted by the creator, Mitsuo Kubo, that in season 2, Victor himself may compete in the Grand Prix while maintaining his position as Yuri’s coach. This will show more skills of Victor than what was shown previously. With the Victor as a competition, Yuri will spend more time training to be able to surpass his mentor in the competition. Victor is known to be one of the best figure skaters in the world. Therefore the second season of “Yuri on Ice” will treat the fans with better quality figure skating, new techniques, and moves.

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When can fans expect Yuri on Ice season 2 Release Date?

Since the anime just ended and the production team is currently working on the movie adaptation of the anime, Yuri on Ice season 2 is not expected anytime sooner. However, some source suggests that the sequel of the series will be released a few months after the release of the movie adaptation. The release of the second season also depends on how the movie performs in the market. If everything goes right fans can expect Yuri on Ice season 2 Release date around fall of 2018.


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oh really because 2018 is pretty much over and yuri on ice season 2 is still not out yet


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