Kanye West Distances Himself From Politics Saying I’ve Been Used

Kanye West on Political Back foot
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Kanye West is on a political back foot. The “No Mistake” singer has now realized that he made a mistake by involving himself in politics. Kanye said that he had been used to spread to spread the message he doesn’t believe in.

The conundrum started when the musician has a controversial meeting with the president at White House. He has always been a great supporter of Trump and praised his policies allegedly.


Kanye West said on Twitter that, “My eyes are now wide open” and continued that he has been used to spread the messages he doesn’t believe in.

The message seems to be centered around ‘Blexit,’ a campaign he was linked to.

Blexit is a campaign run by Candace Owens that motivates black Americans to quit the Democratic party.

Candace said that the musician had designed clothing for the campaign, which Kanye denied.

Kanye West On A Political Back foot – He Clarifies

Kanye West also tweeted, ” I support creating jobs and opportunities” continuing “Prison Reform” and “common-sense gun laws” which will make the world safer.
He also said that he supports those who risk their lives to serve and protect us and added that he supports holding people who misuse their power accountable.
The “Violent Crimes” singer also said that he believes in love and compassion for people seeking asylum.

Did the Dragon Energy Lost its Impact?

Kanye West has always been a massive supporter of Donald Trump. He was seen in many videos on social media showing his love for Trump and his pledge to run for president in 2020.

West has also tweeted that he loves Donald Trump’s Dragon Energy. He became a twitter candy by wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat.

The recent events and Tweets indicate that the Dragon Energy has lost its impact for a bit.

Kanye West

Vow To Distance Himself From Politics

The Musician Tweeted that now he is completely focusing on being creative and distancing himself from politics.

The political relation has always created the negative buzz for Kanye. It’s time that he made up his mind to stay away from all this.

In the end, West exhibit a loving gesture for the people who supported him. He thanked his family, loved ones, and community for supporting his ‘ACTUAL’ beliefs and his vision for a better world.

Kanye West on a political Back foot was an exciting event to watch but it will be more Interesting to see how long Kanye West can keep his Vow, as Politics to him is like candy for a five-year kid.


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