10 Things You Don’t Know About Comic Book Godfather Stan Lee

Stan Lee

The Godfather of Comic Book Universe Stan Lee is not with us anymore. The icon died on 12 November 2018, in Los Angeles at the age of 95. His fans are very disheartened by the news all over the globe and are in tears. But, as he stated in his uttermost style and charm that keep moving forward, and if it’s time to go, it’s time. Nothing lasts forever; we should do the same. The legendary man, the icon and the originator of many fantastic superheroes have always lived a more abundant life. Here are 10 things you don’t know about the “Excelsior” Stan Lee.

1. Hall Of Fame

Stan Lee and President Bush

Lee Collaborated with Marvel for Fantastic Four in 1961. He got Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame in 1994. In 1995, he won Jack Kirby Hall of Fame. Finally, in 2008 he was honored with the American National Medal of the Arts by President George W. Bush. Though things came a bit late for him, still he was the only comic book writer to be awarded this Honor.

2. Officiated Wedding Ceremony

Spiderman And Mary Jane wedding

In 1987, Marvel held a public event at New York. The event featured actors dressed like Spider-Man and Mary Jane to marry each other. Stan Lee officiated this wedding ceremony of his Spider-man character and Mary Jane. It was fascinating to see the man do the honors.

3. A Contract for a Cameo

Stan Lee

A very few people know about this, but when Stan Lee makes a cameo in the movies, it’s because of a contract. Well, Stan Lee signed a contract with a clause that he will make an appearance in the movie based on his characters. God bless! Because it was always amazing to see him in those movies.

4. Stan Lee’s Favorite Villain

Dr. Doom

On the question of Who is his favorite villain? Stan Lee answered that Dr.Doom was his favorite. Lee further explained that Dr. Doom is misunderstood. He said that his wish to rule the world doesn’t make him a 100% villain. Perhaps Dr. Doom would do a better job than what we all are doing.

5. His Wife Was Also His Barber

Joan Lee

Stan Lee shocked the world through some secrets in his memoir. Lee said that he had never been to a barber in his whole adult life. He also added that his wife Joanie always used to cut his hair. Well, as being a dashing, style icon for so many years, Joanie did a great job.

6. Stan-d Against Drugs

Stan Lee against Drugs

Stan Lee always stood up against Drug Abuse. In 1971, he got a letter to put an anti-drug message in one of his books by the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. Lee made a story of Spider-man’s best friend Harry involved in Drug abuse. Although CCA didn’t approve that, Lee convinced Martin Goodman, his publisher, and published the comic book. In Style!

7. What Made the Hulk Green

Hulk Green vs Gray

According to Stan Lee, the mighty Hulk needs to be of Gray Color. However, the printer messed up in consisting the shade and out of no explanations, The Hulk came out to be Green. The Big Green Warrior is still up and roaring.

8. Where the Rivalry Began

Marvel vs DC


Lee Collaborated with Marvel in 1961 to release the venture of Fantastic Four. This was considered as an act of rivalry between the Marvel and DC Comics. As Fantastic Four is released to go up against the Justice League of DC Comics.

9. When the Icon Got Embarrassed

Stan Lee Embarrassed

Stan Lee had always been a proud man. But, there came a moment when he got embarrassed in the Comic Book fraternity. In the late 90s, Stan collaborated with Peter Paul. Peter Paul later found as a fraud who was robbing his investors by exaggerating the profits there company was earning and got arrested by SEC. This whole situation left the icon embarrassed in front of the Comic book Fraternity.

10. Stan Lee’s Lifelong Regret

Stan Lee Regret

Stan Lee expressed that owning no equity when Marvel was sold to Disney was his lifelong regret. He said that I had always been told that the characters I am writing, which are later converting into the whole franchise, is for others. Thus he expresses his casualty about money, his Lifelong Regret.

The legendary man will always be known for his charismatic life and bold attitude. The Comic Book Universe and its fan are going to miss this “Icon.” Well! As he said, “The more you read, the better you’re going to become as a storyteller,” so keep on reading new things.

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