Maitland Ward – The Life full of Stardom, Love and Adultery

Maitland Ward

Maitland Ward is an erstwhile television actress and American Pornographic Film star. Her birth name is Ashley Maitland Welkos. The actress was born in Long Beach, California on 3rd February 1977. She is known for her roles in “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “Boy Meets World.” Nowadays, she is more famous for her parts and appearance in Cosplay.

Acting Career of Maitland Ward

This beautiful actress became a heart-throb at a very young age. At the age of 18, when she was a junior in high school, she got her first acting role. This proves her talent and charm from a very young age. The acting role she got was of Jessica Forrester. Jessica is a character of “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Ward’s lovely portrayal of a girl who fell in love with Dylan Shaw, an intern at Forrester Creations.

Maitland Ward also did a guest appearance on “USA High” an American Sitcom which was quite popular at that time.

She did another guest-role in ABC’s American Sitcom “Home Improvement” in its seventh season.

In 1997, Ward appeared in a television film “Killing Mr. Griffin” co-starred with Mario Lopez and Jay Thomas.

Maitland Ward got fame for her character in Boy Meets World. In 1988, Ward played the role of Rachel McGuire. Rachel was a character addition in the sixth season of Boy Meets World. This persona was added as one of the main characters of the series. In 2000, this role ended with the series finale of Boy Meets World.

Maitland’s role as Rachel McGuire got her a lot of fame and attraction. This was the time when she was at the peak of her career. As evident, this role grabbed her some opportunities in the show business.

The Actress appeared in a romantic comedy independent film Dish Dogs. In this film, Maitland Ward worked with co-stars such as Sean Astin, Brian Dennehy, and Matthew Lillard.

In 2004, Maitland appeared with Shawn and Marlon Wayans in a comedy film “White Chicks.”

She appeared in “Rules of Engagement” in 2007 as Dani for the episode named “Young and the Restless.”

Personal Life of Maitland Ward

Maitland Ward has been fortunate to live a lovely and perpetual happy personal life. On 21st October 2006, Maitland married Terry Baxter, a real state agent. Terry and Maitland met on the sets and fall in love with each other. Maitland said that the reason for her happy relationship with Terry is their friendship and humor.

The couple moved to New York for 2 years after getting married. Maitland completed her study on Screenwriting in New York. After the completion of her study, she returned moved back to Los Angeles with Terry in 2009 and started living there only.

Nominations and Awards

In 1995 she got Nominated for an award of Outstanding Female Newcomer for her role in The Bold and the Beautiful.

In 1995, Maitland Ward won an award for the Best Performance by a Youth Actress in a Daytime Series. She won this award for her character in “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

In 1996 she got nominated for the same award but didn’t win this time.
These nominations and Awards proved her talent and dedication for these roles.

Instagram Life and Cosplay


The Instagram bio of Maitland Ward reads as Actress, Cosplay Queen, Writer, Redhead, Fashionista and Daredevil. The American Actress has proved her worthy of all these traits. After Maitland Ward took retirement from her acting career, she started featuring in Cosplay and many Comic events.

Instagram and Snapchat

Since mid-2013, Maitland Ward has gained a massive following on Instagram and Snapchat. This sudden change was because the star has started posting and sharing some adult photos of her. In April 2016, for an exhibition called “Living Art” by Luciano Paesani, Ward posted her pictures to social media in which she was wearing nothing and being body painted.


Her first cosplay was Princess Leia outfit, a slave. Maitland appeared as Jessica 6 from Logan’s Run. The actress also made a presence in many Comic-Con events wearing nothing but body paint. Her extent and choice of this new charisma and image have made her happy. The Star has grown in confidence and passion for such image of her.

On her current bold image, Maitland Ward said that it’s no big deal, just whatever turns you on. This show her mindset and clarity of thoughts about the work she is now doing.

On her Patreon profile, she wrote for her fans that they had been the most fierce and dedicated group of Maitland Wardiors she could ever ask for. To see Maitland Ward’s complete body, people pay on her Patreon Profile.

Well! Maitland has been a star who started her career at a very young age. She has proven her talent and worth through multiple appearances. However, she got her desired fame and acknowledgment for her role in Boy Meets World and The Bold and the Beautiful. Now, the star has moved on to her journey of adultery and cosplay which she seems enjoying. Maitland Ward has always been larger than life personality and has outshone many people in her life, and she continues to do so!