Robert Downey Jr. Shares a meme in a Sarcastic Way

Since the release of the Avengers Infinity War, fans are wondering how their favorite superheroes will make a comeback. It was shocking for fans to see so many Marvel characters die under the hands of Thanos. Since the release of the movie, there are several speculations made about the Avengers 4.

And when fans are still trying to recover from the events, Robert Downey Jr. has shared a good meme to tease Iron man and Marvel fans.

Robert Downey Jr. recently uploaded a meme on his Facebook page. With a caption “I always love a joke which requires three different movies to understand it.” The meme consists of 3 pictures from which two are from Avengers (2011), and the third one is from the Pirates of the Caribbean.

The third picture would definitely offend the fans as it shows Thanos with a jar of dust saying “I’ve got a jar of Avengers” and we are already in tears. This meme connects Avengers, Avengers: Infinity War and Pirates of the Caribbean in a brutal way as mentioned by Robert Downey Jr. in his caption.

Robert Downey Jr.

Marvel fans are eagerly waiting for the Avengers 4, and the excitement has taken a new high since the release of the first teaser of Captain Marvel. And now fans are waiting for Avengers 4 trailer, Marvel officials have confirmed that the title and trailer of the movie will drop before the end of this year.  Moreover, both Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. have confirmed their exit from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It is sure the trailer will give birth to new fan theories and speculations about the time travel, and bringing back of the dead marvel heroes. It is surely our heroes will be coming back as Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Black Panther sequels are on board.