Zayn Malik has lost all Directions to His Former One Direction Bandmates

Zayn Malik

The “Dusk Till Dawn” singer Zayn Malik has poured his heart out in his recent interview with British Magazine. Zayn Malik made an appaling confession that he is in no touch with his former bandmates of One Direction. He said that he ain’t touch with any of them for a long time.

Zayn Malik also said that the cause of this are the statements that the former band members made when he left the band. He said that the words of One Direction members – Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan have made him cut all ties with them.

Fans in Sorrow as they were Expecting a “Reunion”

Zayn Malik’s statement has made fans of One Direction devastated as they were expecting a full band reunion. Zayn has made it pretty clear that the reunion is a very long shot and former band member is not even in touch with other band members.

Success and Personalities Ruined Things

The 25 years old English singer and songwriter also talked about bands massive success. Zayn said that after ending up 3rd on X-Factor and becoming the biggest band in the world, the success and fame got to us. The singer also said that the band’s success and glory affected him and other members.

Zayn said that when you are 17-18, this kind of success and stardom affects you a little bit. He also said that everyone takes this differently as there are five different personalities involved.

Zayn Malik Have No Hard Feelings For Anyone

In his Interview with Vogue, Zayn Malik swears that he has no hard feelings for any of the band members. Zayn said that it’s just the way it is.

“Still Got Time” singer Zayn also said that People move on, People grow apart, People grow up, indicating no issues and problems with the One Direction members, who go on to another album without him till 2016.

Zayn Malik’s New Album Hints

Zayn Malik has always teased his fan about his upcoming projects after his 2016 debut album Mind of Mine. It looks like Zayn Malik has also got bored of all the teasing as he pitched all kinds of shade at music bosses.

The Singer took to Twitter and said that the label is holding him back. Zayn also said that he knows his fans wanted a date for the album. Malik added that he wants that too. He also promised to his 28 Million Twitter fans that he will do everything to get back to his music. Zayn also said that they will hear from him soon.