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General Hospital Spoilers: Teaser Suggests GH Gearing Up For a Major Comeback

General Hospital Spoilers
Comments (4)
  1. Sharon says:

    Excited to see Kristen A. Finally Come back. Don’t really care WHO she is…

  2. Holmea says:

    It would be a big twist if she came back as Ninas REAL daughter!!!!!!

  3. red says:

    love to see Kristen return but as someone new coming back as Starr would be crazy cause she was Starr when Roger was Todd n now he is Franco so it would be confusing -love her n Rogers relationship they were great together n Starr n Todd –hopefully she comes back as someone new not sure if they should pair her up with Michael especially since they were together in real life it might be uncomfortable but we shall see –unless she is coming on as Nina’s real daughter ????

  4. Sabeky says:

    For anyone who didn’t watch OLTL, Starr is equivalent to Robin on GH. We watched her grow up on the show – one child actor whose character wasn’t SORASed. Love her!

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