‘A Star Is Born’ Reinvented Lady Gaga’s Acting Skills with her role alongside Bradley Cooper

A Star Is Born

‘A Star Is Born’ was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival where the audience could not stop themselves from admiring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Along with writing the screenplay, the remake of the classic musical was partly directed by Bradley Cooper himself, which is really commendable as the critical response of the movie is above what was expected.

It is not like Lady Gaga has not ever acted before. She has been in several music videos, and movies such as ‘Machete Kills’, ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’ and ‘American Horror Story’ but her role of young talented Ally in the A Star Is Born has set her acting skills to the sky. The audience also appreciated Bradley Cooper’s Jackson Maine.

The movie follows the story an aspiring singer, Ally (Lady Gaga) who gets the overnight success after meeting up with singer-songwriter Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper). Maine mentors Ally into becoming a superstar while the two eventually falls in love.

A Star Is Born the chemistry between the characters of Coper and Gaga. For the movie, Bradley sang all the songs himself alongside Gaga. The duo performed a few of the songs from the film in front of live audiences. Cooper plays his drug and alcohol addicted rock star character and brings a lot of empathy to it. Lady Gaga belts out the ballads for the movie, and it is terrifyingly awesome.

Lady Gaga and Cooper worked together in some workshops for their roles in the movie. She dyed her hair and took makeup off for a few months before the shooting, in order to get into the character. Admiring Cooper’s support during the shoot, she said, “It was a challenge, but Bradley says it to me in the film, and he said it to me every day: ‘All you’ve got to do is trust me.’”