District 9 Sequel: Is it really happening?

District 9 Sequel

District 9 is a 2009 American science fiction movie directed by Neil Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell. Ever since the first District 9 movie made to the big screens, fans have been asking the TriStar Pictures and QED International for its sequel. The film is presented in a found-footage format, it features fictional interviews, news footage and videos from surveillance cameras. The movie was able to make $210.8 million worldwide while the budget of the movie was just $30 million. Since the movie was a big hit for the studios, there are also excited to make a District 9 sequel.

In 2009, just after the release of the movie, director Neil Blomkamp talked to the IGN about the potential of the development of District 9 sequel. As it turns out, Blomkamp does have an idea for a sequel to the movie, but he said the fans may not be able to see that on the big screen anytime in the near future. He said that he was new to the directing and he didn’t want to be stuck up into one movie series for that time. In 2015, Blomkamp was again asked about the District 9 sequel and he said that he may return for the series and he also has ideas for the District 9 sequel but he wanted to move away from that kind of stylistic storytelling for a spell.According to Blomkamp, he just completed three movies of the similar style that are, ‘District 9’, ‘Elysium’, and ‘Chappie’. Although the movies are not connected he feels them be made with a same stylistic approach.

District 9 Sequel

In 2016, actor of the movie Sharlto Copley was asked by Empire magazine during his promotion of ‘Free Fire’, about the District 9 sequel, he said that “We have assorted, varyingly complex calls about that topic, but I would love to and I still think we will do a District 9 sequel, yeah.” Even though we have not had any official announcement by the TriStar Pictures about the sequel but Copley and Blomkamp have not loosened hope and they will surely like to be in a District 9 sequel.

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Possible stories for the “District 9 Sequel”

The District 9 movie ended with Christopher and his son leaving with the aliens and their mother ship while promising Wikus that they will return in three years with a cure to his ailments. Meanwhile, all the aliens were moved to a larger sector for their development, District 10. Many fans and even the former director Neil Blomkamp thinks that this will be the ideal name for the sequel, District 10.

District 9 Sequel

According to Neil Blomkamp, he wants the next movie in the series to be a prequel. But given that the first movie ended at a point which it needs a follow-up story to complete it, it is most likely that the District 10 movie will be filled with flashbacks. The movie could start with Christopher on the mothership with the aliens, where he will get to know about the time when the aliens first came to Earth. And what were the causes that they needed to retreat to another planet? All of this will be the half of the movie, and the other half of the movie will be back at the earth where Christopher will return with a cure and he will now help the other aliens in the District 10.

When might District 9 Sequel be Released?

There has been no official announcement about the release of District 10 but looking at the achievements of the previous movie and the comments of Blomkamp and Copley about the movie, we are very much sure that the District 10 will happen for sure. As Neil Blomkamp is busy with three projects back to back, District 10 may not happen until the very end of 2019.

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