Mission Impossible Fallout has become Tom Cruise’s biggest opening in China

Mission Impossible Fallout

Mission: Impossible – Fallout stormed the theatres in China last week. After a busy summer season, MI Fallout was able to earn over 75 million from China amidst Chinese blockbusters. The movie has become the biggest weekend opening of the year in China. Although the previous Mission Impossible movie opened a bit higher, it was a Tuesday release.

According to local data tracker Ent Group, Mission Impossible – Fallout has been played in over 144,000 screens per day in China. The movie was able to earn $24.6 million on the day of its release in China, $28.7 million on Saturday and $22.8 million on Sunday. With a total of over $75 million, Mission Impossible – Fallout has become Tom Cruise’s biggest three days opening in China.

Mission Impossible is a movie franchise which features the Secret Agency, IMF which delivers most difficult and risky missions to their highly skilled agent, Ethan Hunt. Throughout the six movies of the franchise, the life of Ethan Hunt has gone from saving the whole world to saving his wife to saving the entire world again.

Mission Impossible – Fallout has become the third highest opening for a non-Chinese movie released in the country so far behind Avengers Infinity War and Jurassic World 2. The film has been able to collect $75 million in just three days of its release. The movie has earned a 75% share of the box office collection in China.

Man of Steel fame Henry Cavil joined the cast of Mission Impossible franchise in the most recent released part. It may be due to the mixed charm of Cavil and Cruise which has caused the audience of China to go bewildered to but the tickets. The success of the movie was highly unpredicted in China because the film was competing against the recent success of Avengers Infinity War. Ant-Man and the Wasp is still in the theatres of China which was one of the reasons no one predicted the victory of MI Fallout.