Percy Jackson 3 : Everything You Need To Know About The Movie Sequel

Percy Jackson 3

Percy Jackson 3 also known as Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse is still an unsettled business. 20th Century Fox who own the rights of Percy Jackson movies, if willing, can make the 3rd part of this Fantasy thriller movie happen. The failure of the 2nd part of Percy Jackson movie may have added some doubts in the minds of makers for another film.

Percy Jackson movie is based on five-book series of the same name by the author Rick Riordan. This series focuses on a fictional character Percy Jackson who is a demigod. Percy is a son of Greek God Poseidon and mortal Sally Jackson.

What Logan Lerman have to say about the Movies Future

Logan Lerman who plays the character of Percy Jackson also got some views about the Percy Jackson 3.

In a report given by MTV in 2014, Logan Lerman, the title character of the Percy Jackson movie said that the Third Installment of this series is not going to happen. This rumor spread wide across and disheartened the fans of this super fictional character movie.

However, later in a conversation with The Independent, Lerman said that he never said such a thing about the series. He added that he never made such claims and his actual words were that he doesn’t know anything about the 3rd installment of the franchise. The Actor has also made clear that he was under contract with Fox Star Studios to do 3 “Percy Jackson” movies.

The movie was supposed to be renewed after its second installment “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.” But, it doesn’t happen due to mixed reviews and the average performance of movie on the box office. Since it has been 5 years after the release of the last film of this franchise, the rumors of cancellation of the film are all over.

Percy Jackson 3

Does Fox Still Own The Rights Of Percy Jackson?

There were rumors that Fox has sold his rights of Percy Jackson to CW and CW is going to convert this fictional character into a TV Show. This somehow generated a wave of happiness for the fans of Percy Jackson.

However, Fox denied all such rumors saying that they still own the rights of Percy Jackson. Riordan said that Fox still retains all rights for the Percy Jackson.

Why Is The Fate Of Percy Jackson 3 movie in Danger?

The primary concern for the Percy Jackson 3 movie is its cast. Fox introduced the characters of this film as teenagers. When the first part of the movie Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief came the main character was 12 years old. However, Logan Lerman who plays this title character is of 26 years now. This will cause some trouble to depict Logan as a teenager, which is one of the prior requirements of the movie.

Also, Alexandra Daddario who plays the character of Annabeth Chase in this series and the love interest of Percy Jackson is of 32 years. The time gap between the making of another installment of this series has affected its fate a lot. The increasing age of the main characters acts as an obstacle for the making of Percy Jackson 3.