Red 3: Sequel Confirmed? When Fans can Expect the Release Date

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Red is an American action, comedy movie series that are inspired from the comic series of the same name and starring Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren and Brian Cox. Two movies of the series are already been released in 2010 and 2013 respectively and Red 3 is expected to be produced and shot soon by the studio. Red 3 will also star Bruce Willis as the former and retired black ops CIA agent trying to live a peaceful life but is called back on a mission which only he could handle. Red 3 implies an irony to the Lethal Weapon series where Roger Murtaugh always claims himself for being too old for detective stuff but return again for the next movie in the series.

In the movie series RED is short for Retired and Extremely Dangerous which is obviously referring to the main protagonist, old spy agent Frank Moses portrayed by Bruce Willis. The first movie of the series was released on 15thoct 2010 and the second movie was released on 19th July 2013. The first movie revolves around Frank trying to investigate with the help of Marvin and Sarah about the failed attempt to assassinate him and to know who is the mastermind behind the killings of his former team mates. In the second movie, Frank and Marvin again hunted down by some people because of some mission they carried out in the past, the mission involved transportation of nuclear goods during the cold war. Now, Red 3 is expected to be full of action and more adventures of Frank Moses, his girlfriend Sarah and his friend Marvin.

Spoilers for Red 3

Red 3

The third part of the Red movie series will be dealing with the yet another adventure of Frank Moses and his friends. According to rumors, Red 3 is most probably going to be a rescue mission story. The third part of the movie is set with Frank, Sarah and Marvin enjoying their retirement and just when they will confront a familiar face from past, Jacob(assumed). Jacob is one of the old team members of Frank and Marvin who wants to hire both of them on a secret infiltration and covert mission. While on the mission they will learn about the true intentions of Jacob and his plans to cause massive chaos in the world.When they deny from completing the mission, Jacob kidnaps Sarah and now Frank has to save Sarah as well as save the world from Jacob. If rumors are to be believed the rescue plotline will be hit like rescue series movie Taken 4 which is also highly awaited.

Red 3 Release Date Updates

The possibilities for the movie are very high right now. Scriptwriters of the first two movies, Jon and Erich Hoeber are signed for the Red 3 as well by the Summit Entertainment. Red 3 is expected to start lensing soon and is expected to be completed by summer 2018. Moreover, after the final editing and VFX, fans can expect the Red 3 to release by the spring of 2019. It is not highly likely that Frank is going to retire anytime soon nor does Bruce Willis is going to.Stay tuned with us for more updates regarding Red 3.

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