The Nun Review: Conjuring World’s Creepiest Character

The Nun Review

The Nun is a character from the James Wan’s The Conjuring series which was initially released in 2013 and its sequel in 2016. Both of the movies were successful in gaining both critical and commercial acclamation. The Nun focuses on the character, Valak, a sinister nun, who was first introduced in The Conjuring 2.

The Nun features some of the creepiest and horrifying sequences which can terrorize the audience. Although The Nun lacks the finesse of Wan’s direction, it breaks all the critical barriers for the spin-off movies. The movie plays with some great horror tools such as a medieval castle in Transylvania and Valak’s horrifying iconography.

The Nun shares the story of a convent in Romania where a terrified sister hangs herself after she is brushed with the forces of darkness. The priest who knows sideline exorcism is sent by the Vatican to investigate. He takes the help of a nun in training, Sister Irene to discover the unholy secret of the order. Their lives, faith, and even their souls are at the stake when they confront a malevolent force.

The plot of the movie seemed to be a bit boring, and it lacked the spookiness which any horror film should have. The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2 has set a very high benchmark which sadly, The Nun was not able to reach. The characters in the movie seem to lack motivation for their individual purposes. The film reveals the origins of Valak, but the fans will be sorely disappointed by the poor writing of the movie.

The Nun deserves appreciation to tie in and broaden the story of James Wan’s The Conjuring series. The movie opens some inconsistencies in the series which may be explained by the future sequels of the series, although that is very unlikely. The movie used all the horror movie clichés such as, slowly turning crosses upside down, switching on old radios, casting ominous shadows, and emerging from walls to grab and let go of terrifies novitiates from behind.