‘Doctor Sleep’ Sequel Is In Works? Possibilities & Updates

Doctor sleep sequel
Warner Bros.

Doctor Sleep Sequel: Despite a lousy weekend for Warner Bros., Doctor Sleep Sequel is in Pre-Production. Actually, Warner Bros. was so confident of Flanagan’s project the studio already struck a deal (Doctor Sleep Sequel) with the filmmaker’s production company, Intrepid Pictures. Doctor Sleep was supposed to be the surprise gift. But things didn’t work out well enough for Warner Bros. past weekend. In foreign markets, the release strain up $13 million for a global debut of just $34 million.

Instead of hitting estimated $25 million or more, the Stephen King-inspired flick from writer/director Mike Flanagan only managed $14.1 million from domestic ticket sales. Moreover, this is not the best sign for a movie that costs around $50 million. The adaptation may also have struggled to its lengthy run time that limits possible screenings. Some industry experts expressed that a nearly 40-year gap between films was too long to wait.

Has The Collection Of Doctor Sleep Already Affected Doctor Sleep Sequel? 

This dull box office performance may end up the check on a planned Doctor Sleep Sequel. The Sequel itself serves as a direct follow-up to The Shining. Both the 1980 film adaptation by Stanley Kubrick and the novel by King.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. ordered a script for a movie centred on Danny Torrance’s mentor and friend, Richard Dick Hallorann. Thanks to his psychic abilities, he was able to save Danny and his mother, Wendy. In the movie version that King abhor, Hallorann ends up murdered.

Doctor sleep sequel
Warner Bros.

Will Doctor Sleep Sequel Revolve Around Richard Dick Hallorann

While Richard Dick Hallorann gets more of a supporting role in Doctor Sleep. His mental tricks for defeating the ghosts of the past help Danny cope with his childhood trauma from the Overlook. Despite passing away during Dan’s many years of alcoholism, Dick briefly returns from the afterlife to warn Danny about the True Knot. In the new film, Dick, now played by Carl Lumbly, returns. 

Doctor sleep sequel
Warner Bros.

It is unknown if they would need King’s permission to continue this story. If the business side of a sequel is worked out, the story itself would most likely be focused on Abra while Danny could return in a limited capacity too. There would also be the opportunity for another film in this franchise to expand the world further, introducing more powered individuals.

Release Date

The first film took roughly two years to get through all phases of development from the point when director Mike Flanagan was brought aboard. If he were to return to the director’s chair and write the script, a similar timeline for Doctor Sleep Sequel would be possible.

 Hence, it will be a few years before it could hit theaters. In such an instance, a late 2021 release date is the best-case scenario. However, it will be exciting to see how the story further unfolds. For more updates, stay tuned to T.V. Seasons and Spoilers.

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