Eli 2: Netflix To Order Another Part? When Will It Release?

Eli 2

This Halloween went pretty well for horror-film lovers. With two Netflix films released last month, movie nights were packed. Well, one of them left us with an open ending, and some hope to expect Eli 2. However, will continuing a perfectly fine storyline, be worth it this time?

Netflix’s Eli splits audiences into two halves. While one of them likes the film, others didn’t find it true to its genre at all. However, some of us agree that its concept may be remembered for years ahead. The movie revolves around the titular young boy (Charlie Shotwell) suffering from a rare disease. The story takes different turns when his parents take him to a mysterious medical facility.

What Happened In Eli?

Netflix comes with another unique concept this time. Eli suffers from a rare disease that causes severe allergic reactions to the outdoors. Hence, he’s limited to his protective gear. His parents then take him to a medical facility, led by Dr. Horn, who promises to treat his disease. Upon beginning the treatment, Eli starts to come across various supernatural things around him.

Eli 2

As the story escalates, we find out that the place is haunted by the medical facility’s previous child patients. Towards the end, Eli’s mother confesses that he doesn’t have any disease. In fact, he’s actually the Son of Satan. Besides, Dr. Horn was trying to erase all the monstrous children and bury their evil away from the world. However, by the end, Eli overpowers everyone and escapes along with his mother and Haley, another child of Satan.

Why Do Fans Want Eli 2?

Like numerous other horror films, Eli leaves us on an open-ending as well. There’s still room for makers to continue the story with a second part. But do we actually need to risk the story by demanding a sequel? Why do fans really want Eli 2?

Eli 2

The horror-mystery film takes unusual turns towards the end. In the climax, the protagonist turns out to be the Son of Satan. Hence, viewers had all been rooting for an evil figure since then. Yet, the idea is pretty impressive, and fans want to know what happens to this strange character further down the story. Thus, there’s been a demand for Eli 2. However, will Netflix consider the request?

Will Netflix Order Another Part?

As of now, Netflix is not thinking about making a second part. However, if the demand grows, the streamer may consider the thought. Currently, it will wait for a few months to analyze the film’s performance. Only then we’d get to know if there will be an Eli sequel or not. Do you want the movie to return for another run?

Eli 2: When Will It Release?

In case there’s another part of the horror film, it may take a while to be back at our screens. The sequel’s release depends a lot on when Netflix orders it. If the streamer announces the renewal as early as 2020, we may get Eli 2 by mid or late 2020.

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