End of the character Selene: Kate Beckinsale to leave Underworld franchise

Underworld franchise fame, Kate Beckinsale has confirmed the news that she is leaving the franchise for good. She is done with the role of Selene and does not want to return to the series. Although there has not been any news about the future of the Underworld movies, the actress has closed all the gates for herself to return to the series ever.

During an interview with the Variety, the actress was asked if she wants to do any more of Underworld movies and she replied by saying, “I wouldn’t return. I have done plenty of those.” The fans of the series will not be getting any more of Selene action. The actress didn’t care enough to lay out the reasons that why she wouldn’t want to do more Underworld movies.

Beckinsale seems to be pretty worn out by the idea of having one more Underworld movie. It feels like she’s tired of playing Selene and it looks like she is all done with the character. The past few films of the series have not done well on the box office which might be the reason for Beckinsale to decide about not doing any more movies in the series.

The Underworld series shows the story of two nocturnal species, Vampires and Lycans (Werewolves) in a fictional version of earth. The two species have been into an ending war where Selene, a Vampire who hunts down Lycans to take revenge on the species for the murder of her family.

There may be a lot of reasons for Beckinsale to decide about not doing any more Underworld movies and one of them may be her divorce with the creator and writer of the series, Wiseman. Wiseman and Beckinsale started dating during their work together in the first Underworld movie. The couple made the official announcement about their breakup after the completion of the filming of the Blood Wars.

Even though there would not be any more Underworld movies, but according to the producers, they might be bringing the series into a television series format which will focus on the side characters of the series and will showcase a completely different story than what has been shown in the movies.


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