Fantastic Beasts 3: No Johnny Depp In The Sequel? Plot & Release Date

fantastic beasts 3

The third movie of the franchise, Fantastic beasts 3 is the next one to delve us in the magic world years before the birth of Mr. Harry Potter. The second movie of the series, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald left the audience in complete mystery. However, that’s only the second movie of the magical world’s prequel franchise.

The Fantastic Beasts is about the magician-zoologist Newt Scamander and Gellert Grindelwald, the dark wizard. The series comprises Grindelwald’s rise in the wizarding world quite long before the birth of Mr. Harry Potter.

Fantastic Beasts 3: Johnny Depp’s Position At Concern

Johnny Depp’s comeback in the third movie has not been official yet. According to the reports, the executives are now worried about backlash regarding the legal battle between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard. Depp filed a $50 million defamation suit against Amber heard, alleging her for abuse allegations. He also declared that her op-ed cost him his job in the Pirates of the Caribbean. Both the celebrities are now at full-blown conflict with each other, alleging and explaining about their relationship openly.

fantastic beasts 3

The news came out by the sources who spoke to The Post about the Warner Bros. executives concern. The statement is as follows:

“Executives at Warner Bros. are wondering how to deal with the backlash of the Depp matter on the Harry Potter franchise. High-level female execs at the studio are anxious about working with Depp and the message it sends to the public, especially after the recent sordid departure of CEO Kevin Tsujihara. […] This is yet another blow to the morale of female employees at the studio. If Warner Bros. continues to stick by Depp, it would reveal a lot about the values the company holds.”

Fantastic Beasts 3: J.K. Rowling in Support of Depp

The writer of the movie, J.K.Rowling backed Johnny Depp when concerns were raised about including him in the franchise. She stated that filmmakers and she herself was not only comfortable sticking with the original casting but genuinely happy to have Depp playing an important character in the movies.

Though, some authorities at Warner Bros. were not entirely happy with Rowling’s statement, as her statement boxed them into a corner.

Fantastic Beasts 3: Production Postponed Again!

The production of the threequel is postponed to Spring 2020. It was previously scheduled to begin production in Summer 2019 and premiere in November 2020. The delay is occurring because of the stars’ busy schedule, as per the insiders.

Moreover, Dan Fogler (Jacob Kowalski) recently stated in an interview that the movie is also delaying because of its size. According to him, the third movie is bigger than the first two combined, and the gigantic film need more time to prepare.

Meanwhile, J.K. Rowling is also re-working on the script of Fantastic beasts 3. The re-working is to try to make the third movie better than the previous one, as it received mixed reviews from both the audience and the critics, with disappointing box office collection.

When Will Fantastic Beasts 3 Release?

The release date for Fantastic Beasts 3 has been moved ahead because of the delayed schedule. First, the movie was set to release in November 2020. However, Warner Bros. again made some changes in the schedule. Now, the movie will premiere on November 21, 2021. The fans are having pretty high hopes from the third movie, as the second one didn’t reach to their expectations.


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